A Complete Guide on How to choose the Best Home Carports for Sale

The garage is a great space; it provides storage and protection for your vehicle. But for some homeowners, having a garage is not an option. And having a custom carport is a great alternative, whether it’s because your home doesn’t have a garage, it can’t contain the number of cars you own or your RV do not fit into your garage.

However, coming up with the best carport that is more suitable for your needs can be quite challenging. There are a couple of things to consider before purchasing a carport. We want you to be satisfied with your decision, and that is why we created a buying guide for a carport for sale. Let’s take a look at some of the important things you should consider when looking for the right carports for your needs.

Determine the use

Determine the use

The main reason why you decide to purchase a carport is to protect your vehicle from elements such as rain, strong winds, hail, snow, and even the sunlight. In addition to using a carport as a storage space for your vehicle, it can also be used for many other purposes. For instance, the area makes an incredible spot where your children or pets can play. You could also store other items like farm equipment under the carport. Interestingly, you can host a casual get-together where your family and friends can gather.

Consider your space

When you decide to purchase a carport, one of the first things you need to consider is the space you have to work with. To help you visualize where your carport will be installed, use a tape measure and either drive chalk or wooden stakes and measure the length and width. Also, make sure you take into account any overhead power lines or trees that may limit or obstruct the roof of your carport.

Type of vehicle

There are different carports designs created to protect different types of vehicles. So, you need to ask yourself if you need shelter for just one small car or a heavy-duty vehicle. If you only need to pack one car, a regular style carport of about 12×21 would be a suitable choice.
Type of vehicle
Alternatively, if you own a large truck or RV, you would need a bigger carport that can comfortably store your bigger vehicles. If you own many heavy-duty trucks or large pieces of equipment, you may want to consider triple-wide carport designs.

Type of roof design

There are generally three types of roof designs for carports: boxed eave, vertical, and regular roof. The vertical roof is positioned with the corrugated ridges running up and down. This type of roof lasts longer and stays cleaner than horizontally oriented panels. However, this type of roof is the most expensive roof system.

The boxed eave roof, on the other hand, has the A-shape appearance of the vertical roof, but feature horizontally oriented panels. Though this carport roof system has the appearance of a vertical roof, it doesn’t have the steel hat purlins, ridge cap trip, and deeper trim features. And this made it a less expensive option. Regular roof carports are the most economical options because they make use of less metal as compared to other roof design.

Think about the future

When considering buying a carport, it is wise to keep the future in mind. For instance, you may want to purchase a new vehicle in the future, or a relative may be moving in, and he/she will require a safe space to park his/her car. It is also possible that you could be trying out a new side job or hobby that requires a space where you can work. When you consider the future need of the carports, you will be able to prepare adequately for this, and it will save you money, effort, and time in the long run.

Consider the weather

Consider the weather
As you are considering the several different types of carports, also put the weather in your location into consideration. If for instance, you have a lot of snowfall in your area, a carport with a vertical roof system would be a good option. Instead of the snow piling up on the roof of your carport, the vertical design allows it to slide off.

In the case you live in a place that experiences a lot of hailstorms a year, any type of carport roof can protect your vehicles amid an intense hail storm. Also, if your home is located in an area with a lot of rainfall, a carport can be a valuable purchase.


Once you decide to buy a carport, think about all the factors discussed above, and you will be able to purchase the best carports which is perfect for your need. Then contact a reputable carport manufacturer like Steeline ShedQuotes that can take the time to design a solution that meets your specific needs.