9 of the Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

The average kitchen remodel costs around $65,000. For that money, it better be a pretty top of the line finished product and it should cook for you too.

There are some amazing ways to remodel a kitchen even if money is tight. Click here for some kitchen remodel ideas on a budget.

The average homeowner doesn’t have a secret bankroll hidden in their oven. But this is what it might take to do a full kitchen remodel.

The average kitchen remodel costs around $65,000. For that money, it better be a pretty top of the line finished product and it should cook for you too.

So, if you don’t have that kitchen treasure chest but want a new look for your kitchen what can you do? Well, you could go into debt to get that dream gourmet kitchen.

You could also try one of these kitchen remodel ideas on a budget. You might be surprised how doing a few of these things can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

1. Paint

Paint is one of the simplest things you can do to change the look of a room. Choose a new color for the kitchen to create a whole new mood.

If your kitchen feels dark and dreary, go for a bright cheery yellow wall to liven up those walls. Maybe you want to remember your week at the beach and choose a warm blue to swath the room.

2. Address Lighting

Lighting is an inexpensive way to get a change in the look. Add new lighting over your island. Consider changing to a more modern fixture over the kitchen table.

Consider coordinating the finish you select from the light fixtures with the knobs on your cabinetry.

3. Open Shelving

Open shelving has been the rage in kitchens for several years. Consider jumping on the bandwagon by adding some to your kitchen.

You can do this by removing a cabinet or two and replacing them with the open shelves. Try using a different material, like rustic barn wood, for example, to create a contrast against your cabinetry.

Don’t want to remove cabinets? Consider removing cabinet doors for the concept without as much labor.

4. Consider Cabinets

Of course, the biggest expense in any kitchen remodel is replacing cabinetry. But there are ways to update cabinets without a complete tear-out.Consider replacing only the cabinet doors for a whole new look.Break out the gallons of white paint and give the cabinets a new look with some paint.
Consider Cabinets
For a low budget cabinet update, consider changing out the hardware on your cabinets. Buy new knobs and drawer handles to achieve a new low-cost look.

5. Window Treatments

If you are lucky enough to have windows in your kitchen, change out the window treatments for an inexpensive update.

Coordinate new fabric with your paint job for a new kitchen style for just a few hundred dollars.

6. Consider Organization

Nothing makes something feel more refreshed than just working on the organization.

Take a step back and consider what is sitting out on your counters. Do you need all those things sitting out?

Reorganize the interior of your cabinets and clear off the counters for a nearly free update. It might cost some time and a few shelf organizers.

7. Thrift Kitchen Furniture

Thrift Kitchen Furniture
If you have furniture like a table and chairs in your kitchen consider how they can get an update. Would a fresh coat of paint give the kitchen a new life?

Visit local thrift shops to look for a table and chairs to give your kitchen a new vibe. Keep your table and change the chairs by painting them a bright new color.

8. Add or Update Backsplash

Maybe you can’t afford new cabinets but some tile is much less costly. Add a new tile backsplash along the backs of your counters.

You can also bring in the paint here too. If there is nothing wrong with the tile except it’s ugly, paint it too. Consider stenciling it to give it a new look.

9. Look at Floor Too

Installing all-new flooring might be costly. Consider adding a decorative runner in your kitchen for a designer look.
Look at Floor Too

Use These Kitchen Remodel Ideas On a Budget

You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to give your kitchen a new life. Use one (or more) of these kitchen remodel ideas on a budget to give your kitchen a fun new update.

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