8 Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Accessories

When it comes to the designs of bathrooms, there is not much flexibilityand this is the reason why accessories play a critical role in determining the style, mood and look of your bathroom. With the right accessories, your bathroom will have a unique look, glamorous, cosy and inviting.

Since bathrooms occupy small spaces when compared to other rooms, it becomes a challenge choosing the right bathroom accessories. This is because you are not only short of space but also have a long list of necessities which create a mismatch. However, this can be solved by choosing bathroom accessories that are dual functional-beautiful and functional.

Must-have Bathroom Accessories


There are numerous modern showers that are perfectly designed to transform your bathroom. And when incorporated with the modern lighting you will set the pace for determining which accessories will fit the already created ambiance.

Sinks and Faucets

Sink and faucet comprise a very vital unit in any bathroom. The unit gives your bathroom an immense look of elegance besides its primary role.

There is a wide range of faucet types to choose from and these types vary based on the means of installation.They include single hole faucets, centerset faucets, widespread faucets, vessel sink faucets, wall mounted faucets and mini-widespread faucets. Always choose a faucet that complements the choice of your sink and multiplies the ultimate state of beauty of your bathroom.

Tissue Cover

This is a small container that holds the toilet paper to protect it from water spills and other kinds of dirt. This container is made from different type of materials like plastic or metal. It is usually placed beside the wash basin for convenience.

Tumbler Holder

Tumbler is a glass or a cup that is used for drinking or other uses in the bathroom. The holder is normally fixed in the wall, and the tumbler placed in it. The tumbler can also be used for holding toothbrush, toothpaste, tubers, cosmetics or cotton balls.

Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holder is used for keeping toothbrushes. Most are normally fixed in the wall for stability, but others are placed on flat surfaces in the bathroom.

Soap Dispenser

This is a device that dispenses liquid soap when triggered appropriately. The device can be automated or manual whereby means of a handle operates it. Soap dispenser protects the soap from contamination.

Robe Hook

The robe hook is used for holding clothes and bathroom towels. This is a must-have in the bathroom. The robe hook can be made from different materials, but most are made of up of steel.

Glass Shelves

The glass shelves are used for multiple purposes in the bathroom. They are generally used for holding cosmetics and shampoo bottles among other objects. A glass shelf is normally fixed in the wall for support. The shelves also add to the beauty in your bathroom.

Toilet Brush and Holder

Toilet brush is used to clean the toilet and the bathroom too. The holder holds the brush, and it is
Placed either on the floor or mounted on the wall.

Air Freshener Dispenser

Your bathroom is the place to refresh after a tiring day. Having aromatic air in your bathroom will help you have a good time. Thus, air freshener is a vital element that will enhance your bathroom experience. Choose a fragrance that will help lift your mood.

Bathroom Organizer

This comes in handy when you have a lot of cosmetic products. This will help ensure that your bathroom is not crowded or messy.You can hang it on the wall or place it on the corner of your wash counter.

Mirrors with Glass Slab Holders

There is hardly any bathroom without a mirror. Whether big or small, every bathroom needs mirrors. Mirrors are available in varying sizes, shapes and models and you can always get that which you feel fits your preference and matches your bathroom size. In most bathrooms, the mirror is placed above the wash basin.

Bathroom Mats and Rugs

Mats have proven to be the most used accessories in the bathroom. The mats can be made from synthetic materials or natural cotton. They help prevent people from sliding and falling by absorbing the wetness in the bathroom.

Pro Tips for Choosing Bathroom Accessories

With the wide selection of bathroom accessories in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult to select those that fit your preferences as well as your budget.

Here are tips that will help you zero in on the best accessories in the market.

First of all, you should:

Decide on what you want. Before you start shopping, it is important to look through your bathroom and decide on the kind of accessories that you can or can’t do without. This helps you to fit your bathroom with your specifications.

Asses the available space and the layout of your bathroom. This helps you to see where to fit specific accessories with regards to their type, shape, and size.

Another tip is to ensure you focus on the basic and most essential accessories. Give priority to the most basic items like soap dishes, towel racks, and toothbrush holders. These accessories set the tone for the other accessories.

Do not be over conscious. When selecting your bathroom accessories, you need to be open-minded and flexible. Think about different brands of the items that you need. Popular brands are not necessarily the best to buy so the value is what you should be looking for.

Select a plain style with neutral colours. Sometimes you need to change the theme of your bathroom from time to time. Thus, it is wise to choose bathroom accessories with subtle and toned down colours that can easily bring out different themes.

Consider the functionality of the accessories. Be alert about selecting accessories that will function properly in your bathroom. Think of all the likelihoods and events that might come up, for example, if aged people or children visited, will they be able to access and use those accessories?

Pay attention to your floor and finishes on the wall. Bathroom accessories should complete the appearance of your bathroom in addition to highlighting its features. They should not compete with the general outlook of your bathroom but should complement it instead.

Be quality oriented and settle for options that are reasonable. Many homeowners think that the price ofthe best bathroom accessories should be high which is not always the case.There are a lot of high-quality bathroom accessories that are sold at reasonable prices.

Plan your budget and work within your financial constraints. Determine the specific amount that you are willing and able to pay for the bathroom accessories. Do not splurge more money when you can spend less and get everything you require.