8 Basic Cooking Tips for Bachelors

Living with our friends in a hostel or apartment is a dream life. You can do whatever you like without any judgments from your family, but this bachelor’s life is not all cool. You are independent now, and you don’t have your mother to cook your meals regularly. You have to cook your own foods now or eat daily in a hotel or a mess, which is not good for your health. Many bachelors now are cooking their own food among their busy schedules. The cooking process may be difficult and the food may not be nice, but it shouldn’t need to be like this. There are many cooking tips and techniques available to make your cooking task much easier, you just need the right ingredients like healthy vegetables, delicious sauces, and perfect pan. You just need to buy wholesale glazes, and it will make you dish tasty.

In this post, let us some of the important cooking tips that all bachelor’s and beginners should know about to make their cooking job easy.

Cooking Tips for Bachelors

1. Keep your stove clean and be mindful of the gas stove

Keep your stove clean and be mindful of the gas stove

It is likely that Indian homes will have a conventional gas stove, so bachelors will have to be careful when using it. Every time you cook, the stove tends to get messy with food spills. Now, you may get a bit lazy and put off the cleaning work to some other time. But you should not overlook the food spill as it may leave you in a dangerous situation. The leftover spill may actually catch fire the next time you are cooking. So you have to be careful when you are cooking with the best gas stove and keep it clean at all times.

2. Love your Eggs

Love your Eggs
Often, you would find yourself with no time to cook as you would be busy doing other things. At this time, you can cook different simple recipes with eggs. Eggs have high nutritional value and also can be easily cooked, so you can stockpile the eggs as much as you want. You can boil the eggs, make an omelet, scramble the eggs, or stuff the cooked egg between bread to eat it on the go. There are numerous simple and easy ways you can follow to cook the eggs. It won’t take much time, but you also get all the nutritional value from the eggs.

3. Pasta and Noodles

Pasta and Noodles
Noodles are the common cooking meal prepared by bachelors all over the world. It is easy to cook with rich flavor and splendid taste. There are many different flavors of noodles available from different brands, so you will not get bored eating it frequently. You should stock the noodles along with the eggs as much as you want, so you can have a tasty meal whenever you like it. You should know that eating noodles regularly is not good for your health as it has high sodium content, so you can replace the noodles with pasta sometimes.

Pasta is like noodles but much healthy for you. They are made of wheat and have no artificial flavors. Though they may be difficult to cook than noodles, you will get the hang of cooking pasta soon.

4. Rice

It is a common myth that cooking rice is difficult. But cooking rice is really easy and simple once you learn it. You will find it easy to cook rice than pasta or Maggi once you know how to do it. There are numerous simple recipes that you can make with rice such as lemon rice, tomato rice, coconut rice, tamarind rice, etc. Not only they are easy to cook, but also give you much-needed energy for the day. You should cook rice more often than relying on Maggi or pasta as they are healthy. Cooking different recipes with rice is also cost-effective than buying Maggi or pasta. You will also make your meals faster once you learn how to cook rice. Always keep rice in your home as there are numerous benefits to it.

5. Use your pan accordingly

Use your pan accordingly
It is easy to mix your pans and pots while you cook. You may think that using different pans won’t affect your cooking, but it is not. You have to pick a right-sized pan for your meal. If the food is not distributed properly in the pan, then it will not cook well as the heat is not properly dispersed. So choose a different pan or pot for different meals and stick to it. Your food will be cooked well, and you will have a great flavor and taste.

6. Arrange the ingredients

Arrange the ingredients
Buy individual boxes or tins for different ingredients that you use like spices, herbs, masalas, etc. Arrange these boxes in a specific space and keep it there permanently. Keeping the ingredients in the same place will help you remember it when you need it again. Not only the kitchen ingredients, but you should also arrange the pans and utensils that you use in the kitchen. Also, don’t store these ingredients near your stove or other hot areas. The heat will influence and alter the flavor of the spices, so store it in a cool and dark place.

7. Prevent unused vegetables from turning bad

Prevent unused vegetables from turning bad
You might often find yourself in circumstances where you cut extra vegetables that you don’t need to use. At these times, the cut vegetables turn to brown as the result of oxidization. It spoils the flavor and taste of the vegetables when you need to use it later.

To prevent oxidizing, you can put the cut vegetables in water and store it. You can filter the water again and use the vegetables when you need it. The water prevents oxidization. You can also use this technique for fruits too.

8. Neutralize the excess salt

Neutralize the excess salt
You can always add more salt when it not enough but if you add excess salt, it alters the taste completely. If you find yourself in this situation, you can add some chopped potatoes in your curries or soup and simmer the food for 10 minutes. The potato has the ability to absorb salt, so the flavor will get neutralized in your food.


Cooking is not difficult if you learn the process. You might actually find yourself in love with cooking as you get involved with it. But for bachelors and beginners, it is enough to make good-enough meals at the start. The above listed are some of the important cooking tips that you can follow to make the cooking process efficient and easy.