7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Fire, Water, and Flood Restoration Ann Arbor Provider

They say that fire and water damage are the worst disasters anyone could ever experience. Not only do these events take everything you own, but these also leave you devastating damage and a lot of work to do to restore your property. Choosing which fire and water damage restoration company to hire can add to your stress and difficulty given your circumstances, but it’s important to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Here are the questions to ask before deciding who to hire in Ann Arbor.

1.Where are they located?

Where are they located

It’s vital that the company is based near you to respond to your emergency needs immediately. Look for a fire and water damage restoration company within Ann Arbor because a company that’s a part of your community will care more about your property than the others who aren’t. You may look online for your convenience. Check out http://bigarborrestoration.com/.

2.Are the technicians certified?

technicians certified
The company’s staff and technicians should be highly trained and certified to do water damage restorations. It means they have the knowledge to properly restore your property to its glory. This is one of the benefits of hiring a fire and water damage restoration company—knowing that your property is in the hands of experts. Their training and certification should include the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) that sets specific standards for all the cleaning and restoration companies in Ann Arbor.

3.Is the company insured?

Company insurance is essential because, if further damage to the structure happens during the restoration process, you should not be held responsible for it. The cost of repair should be covered by the company’s insurance. They should have both worker’s compensation insurance coverage and general liability insurance before you hire them.

4.What is their restoration process?

What is their restoration process
A restoration company should have a standard process that they follow for every fire- and water-damaged property. Although not all damages require the same process, there should be standard steps that you need to know to ensure quality service.

A standard approach should include the following steps:

  • Emergency Response—The process starts at the time you call for their service. They should be available 24 hours because time is of the essence when dealing with fire or water damage. This is when initial questions to assess the situation will be asked from you.
  • Inspection and Damage Assessment—The company conducts the inspection of your property and assesses the severity of the damage. For water damage, they will identify the category and type of water so they can perform their job accurately. There are different types of water based on industry guidelines.
  • Water Removal or Extraction—In the case of water damage, they will remove all furniture from the area to extensively and completely remove all the water. They will use water removal equipment to make sure they cover even the hidden areas with moisture.
  • Drying and Dehumidification—They will measure the humidity and room temperature to provide the right number or equipment to dehumidify and dry the place.
  • Restoration—This final step may include repairs in your windows and doors, installation of new roof and drywall, and fixing anything that has been damaged in the property.

5.Are they available 24 hours?

Because emergencies don’t happen at specific times, emergency responses should also be available anytime to take your call. A good restoration company in Ann Arbor should be available 24 hours to immediately inspect and handle the situation. Water and fire can do a lot of damage when left for a long time.

6.What are their drying techniques and equipment they use?

drying techniques and equipment
Hidden moisture is very hard to detect by the bare hands or the naked eye. It takes an advanced technique and equipment to make sure that water is extracted completely and the structure and your belongings are cleaned and dried thoroughly. Know if the restoration company has special and modern equipment to do all these to make sure they leave you with satisfactory results.

7.How long will it take to restore your property?

How long will it take to restore your property
The usual time to restore a fire and water damage is between three to five days. If the area is not dry within those days, more problems could arise. Molds can accumulate, and foul odor will start to come out. The company to hire should know all the benefits and consequences of proper or improper handling and workmanship. They should set a deadline for their project but make sure that everything is completely dry before its completion.

Use these questions to guide you in choosing the right company to restore your Ann Arbor property so you end up working with professionals and experts. You wouldn’t want to deal with another disaster with the restoration company after facing the fire and water damage you’ve just had.