7 Pro Tips to Help You Find the Best Real Agent To Sell Your Home

1. Do your research

The process associated to selling a home is ranked as one of the top most stressful times in a person’s life. This can be made a lot easier and stress free with a good realtor.

Real estate agents are very easy to find, but finding the best ones for you that puts your houses requirements as a priority will take a lot of time and energy. There are various ways you can locate a realtor, ensure you choose the right one for you. Below are seven great tips that will help you identify the best real estate agent to help sell your home.

1. Do your research

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people will choose to go with a real estate agent based on commercials, advertisements or other marketing based communications. This is not enough information alone; you should find realtors based on their abilities, not their marketing budgets.

You must be well researched in the local talent in your area and of the house price you are expecting. You should do some research on the average house prices and get a third party to come in and conduct a survey of your home to gage the price you hope to be selling at too.

2. Visit open houses

This is one of the best ways to find out about a real estate agent, seeing them work in real time. Visiting open houses allows you to see how they operate, communicate and really make a difference in selling properties. This will help you to see how they will be when potentially selling your home. If you visit a few then you will generate a list of realtors, these can be used to help you narrow down to the best few.


3. Know what you want

You should have some idea on the level of engagement and insight you expect from your realtor before choosing one. This really depends on the property and your hopes for selling it. If you have a multimillion-pound estate you will need to have a lot more knowledge on your expectations, as opposed to selling an average house in a good neighborhood. Nevertheless, both need your full attention and a clear understanding of what you want.

4. Check agents listings

Usually agents with a lot of listings are more ambitious and knowledgeable about the area. This is a good assumption in most cases, however you should remember that if you feel you will require a lot of input and time from a realtor a busy one is not always most beneficial.

This is considered a very easy and passive way to search for realtors in your area, but can be a great way to get one quickly and easily. You should be well aware of your needs prior to going with this option.

5. Listen to your peers

This is still one of the most worthy forms of gaining insight into good realtors in your area. If a family or friend shares their realtor contact information with you, you are more likely to go with them. Word of mouth marketing has always been key in getting more information and contacts in the real estate world. Some practices also work via referral; this can help you out as they offer deals and money off incentives too.

If you are moving to a difference area there is the potential to get a referral from your previous agent. They may have a good network around the surrounding areas and could easily connect you with a like-minded realtor.

6. Speak to a relocation specialist

If you are moving across the country, or to a different country then speaking to a relocation specialist could really ease your nerves. They can provide you with a list or realtors; get you onto realtor email list and share a lot of contact information with you. This is really useful for sellers that have various houses in different locations that they may only vacation in, or visit a few times in a year.


7. Consider those that are community leaders

This is for the more socially responsible seller, the idea of working with community leaders and helping the area to grow. Many real estate agents will have invested in the area, but all of them will have you believe that they do. Looking for realtors that truly care about the area, are driven to help improve the area and openly fund or sponsor community projects in your area could be a very interesting unique selling point to consider.

If you partner with a real estate agent that is genuinely interested in the area, they will have a much easier time selling it. You can usually spot these kinds of realtors easily through their philanthropic deeds.


The seven tips above will help you on your journey to finding the right realtor for you to sell your home. Like with any of these situations you should use your gut feelings and partner with the realtor that feels like the best fit. They should have a great understanding of the surrounding area and make you feel comfortable and confident when selling your house.