7 Popular Psychic Predictions

Psychics may have been the only professionals to have benefitted because of the pandemic. With people grappling to come to terms with the coronavirus outbreak and forced to remain behind closed doors, uncertainty about the future is at an all-time high. Fortune-tellers all across the globe have seen huge spikes in their businesses. According to Forbes magazine, there was a 136% increase in the number of people reaching out to psychics in the past year; learn about psychic readings here. Almost everyone is looking at the stars for some hope, to make a sense of a situation that was beyond anyone’s imagination. You will find thousands of millennials glued to live-streams of YouTube mediums and making a bee line to get daily readings on their Instagram feeds. Here are some of the popular predictions made for 2021 by psychics:


  1. According to June Field, voted as being the greatest medium in the International Battle of the Psychics in 2013, 2021 is going to be the time for adjustments to new realities, a period for healing. While people will remain scared of the virus, return to normalcy can be expected to linger till 2022. After March, confidences are expected to increase while September may be a turning point as the economy starts to look up. 2022 will offer us the chance to reevaluate what is significant. Even political systems are going to be discontinued and rebuilt.
  2. According to clairvoyant Jane Wallace, the biggest concern for people stepping into 2021 is health; while the first three months may be stressful as far as mental health is concerned, it will become better as long as you are surrounded by people who love you. March-June is a period of caution and understanding why some people met with worse fates. In terms of economy, people should become more focused to be successful.
  3. Dale Spencer Weeks, a numerologist and clairvoyant, feels that if 2020 was about constructing a rocket ship, 2021 is about that ship taking off. It will be a year of change dominated by intense weather events like hurricanes and storms. People will dissolve old norms and speak out; this social upheaval will be accompanied by violence. Not everyone will benefit from the change; you have to promote your business.
  4. Demian Allen, a writer of horoscopes, looks at the astrological patters and says that the last time before 2020, when the Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn had come together to bring changes, the Spanish flu had happened. Pluto rules viruses, Saturn rules limitation, while Jupiter rules expansion. This trio triggered emotional responses and 2020 was all about this. But 2021 hints at a technological revolution where changes are expected to happen in jobs and education.
  5. Tatianna Morales, a holistic healer and tarot reader, feels 2020 has taught us to spend time with the family, organize finances, and focus on health. The Page of Swords in 2021 hints at innovative ideas and solutions, triggers energy of research, and asks us to find new income avenues and embrace new studies.
  6. Nostradamus had predicted a devastating earthquake in California that would destroy the state. Many psychics have analyzed this and claimed that this is likely to occur. The probable timing for the event is likely to be around 25th November this year.


7. The Covid pandemic will subside but continue to burn. People may need to go through lockdowns and maintain social distancing till June 2021. The virus will spread at a comparatively slower rate but there will be intermittent lockdowns. While there will be a vaccine to counter this, the demand being very high for this vaccine, distribution will be hampered.