7 Most Effective Ways to Make Your House Look Bigger

Maybe right now, you can only afford a modest house. It isn’t the palace you’ve been dreaming about, but at least you own it. With many tips and tricks to make your place look bigger, surely, you can make it to your own safe haven. So here we collated the most effective ways to do this and here they are:

Put wallpaper on the ceiling

What you want is to draw the eyes upwards. Since you might not be able to do that with a line- or curve-shaped furniture (since they tend to be too big), you can lead their eyes up by a painting of putting wallpaper on the ceiling.

Granted, your paint and wallpaper choice should match the whole theme of the room. In any case, go wild with your choice.

Let as much natural light in

Open windows make the room look open and airy, so if you’re having guests over, make sure to draw the curtains to let sunlight in. If privacy is an issue, you can use the thin layer of the curtains, or choose blinds instead.

Choose light or neutral shade colors

Dark paint is good if you want to achieve a unique aesthetic, not to mention, it actually makes a room cozier. But dark colors absorb light, which makes your effort to let in natural light moot. Instead, choose lighter shades of your favorite color so that it can reflect the natural light.

Use a wall-to-wall cabinet

Another play on leading eyes upwards is using a wall-to-wall cabinet and make it the focal point in the room. It also gives an expanding effect in the room and still provide an effective storage capacity. You can also choose a wall-to-wall bookcase instead of a cabinet.

Avoid pushing furniture up the wall

Try not to push your furniture up the wall because it just makes the room look cramped. Instead, space out your furniture. You can do this by angling your sofa or bed, or you can put them in the middle of the room. Additionally, make sure that there’s at least a couple of inches in between furniture so they don’t look like they’re competing for space.

Consider using striped carpet

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cover the whole room. Vertical stripes on the floor will create an elongated effect. Paired with your wall-to-wall bookcase or the wallpaper on the ceiling, you might achieve a penthouse-space vibe.

Have a statement piece

Contrary to what people think, you don’t have to use smaller pieces of furniture because that’s just going to emphasize the modest space. What you need to do is have a focal piece in the room, a prominent piece of furniture that will help you make space look uncluttered.

House space is not a big deal, for now. How about in the future when you have your own big family? The goal of making the house look bigger versus making all of you fit in a house comfortably has different solutions. For a literal big looking house that will suit your future family in, you should be checking out ideal houses for a big family by now to get insight on the pricing so that you can prepare for it when the time comes.

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