6 Ways to Make your Patio Pest Free

Who doesn’t like their patio or backyard neat and clean with no bugs to be seen? The summers are the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors and get comfortable. However, you would really enjoy sitting on your patio if there were no trouble causing pests or bugs. Mosquitoes, ants, and other unwelcome bugs may be attracted by warm bodies and cold drinks. However, there are several effective ways to keep pests out of a patio and to let you enjoy the weather outside without any unwanted disruptions.

Use Essential Oils


The odors of the plants after which they are called are imitated by these fragrances and encourage you to incorporate many kinds of defense into one solution. Look for lavender oil, rosemary oil, lemon thyme, or basil for essential oils to use, as well as some that can imitate the fragrance of the plants and herbs we have initially identified.

Avoid Standing Water

Most of the pests appear from standing water. Standing water is the enemy in your fight against bugs because it is the greatest spawning ground for mosquitoes. Please ensure the gutters are unclogged and that any sunken spaces in your yard are filled so that there is no pool of water. Even the water in the water bowl and the children’s pool should be changed regularly to prevent those little suckers from rising. It can also be a challenge for your favorite birdbath. Make sure you have one with running water so that you don’t establish a perfect environment for mosquitoes unintentionally.

Install the Patio Fans.

Mosquitos can have a strong sting, however, when it comes to sticking up to a breeze, they are wimps. With the flick of a button, patio fans will keep your outdoor entertainment room free from mosquitoes (and other tiny flyers).

Keep the patio trimmed and clean


Regularly take out your lawnmower and hold the garden blades sharpened. Ticks prefer to conceal in tall grass and wait for a person or animal to leave, while plants or tree branches that touch the home may provide pests with quick access to get inside. You can also use pest control sprays like what Barrier Pest Control uses to avoid pests invading your patio. Bear in mind, some pesticides are only supposed to be used by licensed professionals.

Grow pest deterrent plants

It will help you protect against pests and other attacking and biting bugs by growing marigolds throughout your patio. As extra security, put a flowering marigold jar on your patio. Biting insects may be repelled by garlic and rosemary. You should also cultivate a small garden with chives and lemongrass to avoid other pests.

Build a bat house

Usually, a single destroys 6,000 to 8,000 bugs a night, so imagine your vigilante sidekicks in the battle against bugs for these night-time critters. By constructing a bat enclosure, bolster your bat community and be delighted to see them dive over your backyard at night. To monitor rodents in your yard, channel their hunger for insects. By making a bat house, you will welcome them to be your regular guests with no worries.