6 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Motivation Instantly

Have you ever woken up on a weekday and wondered what you are doing in life? This is a feeling, which all of us have experienced, at least once in our lives. However, the question is why? There must be a reason for it, right?

I guess, there can be a lot of reasons for this particular feeling. However, the one that resonates the most has to be a lack of motivation. This has led to a lot of people doing things that they have regretted later. Hence, before we try to find out about ways to boost motivation, let’s find out why we need it!

What is Motivation?

What is Motivation

It is a feeling and it is a desire, which pushes you to do things and do it with determination and an urge to succeed. Words can hardly mean what being motivated feels like. It’s like, the difference between working for 6 hours in a day and still feeling exhausted, and working for 12 hours in a day and still walking out content – the only difference with the latter is motivation.

Motivation has to come from within. It can never be fed or gulped, it has to be a drive, which keeps us up in the night to fulfill all our dreams!

Why Do We Feel Demotivated?

There could be a lot of reasons why a person feels demotivated. In this article, we have tried to incorporate the most important and practical ones.

  • Don’t know the reason for doing things: There comes a time in life when you feel that you are lost and you have no way forward. This usually happens because the illusion of your motivation for the things you do is not real. Try and find a better meaning!
  • You have no ambition: If your life is like a ship without sails in the sea, then you will never accomplish anything in life and this causes a definite lack of motivation.
  • You might be mentally-ill: Mental health is real and is very important. If you feel like you are depressed or sad, try to find the reason and look for help.
  • You have a lot on your plate: Learn to say a No! Being overwhelmed with work can make you demotivated.
  • You’re burdened by your Dreams: If you have seen many large dreams and you have a lot of expectations to fulfill, in that case, it is
    highly important that you stay motivated.
  • You are not being productive: Last but not the least, it might so happen that your efforts are not in the right direction, and the work is not being done. Hence, you may feel demotivated.

Why Do We Feel Demotivated
Now that we have identified the reasons to feel demotivated, let’s look at ways to cheer ourselves up.

1. Do the Impossible Task First

Has there been a lot on your plate? Do all the tasks seem impossible to you? Well, you may not like this solution but this is the best to get your motivation back on track! Do the biggest task first, and do it right and complete it.

Till the time you complete it, do not pick up anything. It’s just like standing up to the biggest bully and no one will bully you, ever.

2. Draw Comparisons – with Yourself, Only

If you start comparing yourself with someone else, you will always feel demotivated. Hence, do this exercise, every night before going to sleep, look at the things you have done, and write it down. The following day, write down if you have done anything extra.

If yes, you are getting your motivation back!

3. Inspirational Quotes on Your Desk

Inspirational Quotes on Your Desk
Sometimes, you need to see positive things to feel positive. And, the best thing that can make you feel better and do wonders for you is free printable inspirational quotes. You can get it printed and hang it on your desk or cupboards to stay on track.

4. Act like You are Charged Up

If you still feel like you are demotivated, get up, take a shower, and feel the rage in your nerves and start work. Sometimes, you will have to act like it, just to be like it!

5. Ask Yourself Questions

Keep on asking questions to yourself till you find the right and most obvious answer. Ask questions like – Why am I doing this? Is it worth it? The right answer will lead you to your motivation.

6. Cut Deals with Yourself

Cut Deals with Yourself
Set up small incentives for yourself, and that will be the driving factor for your motivation and small wins in the drill.

If you want to be motivated, identify the reasons, and try out these 6 things and it will push you to achieve your desires.