6 Reasons Motorizing Your Blinds & Shades isn’t a “Vanity Luxury Treatment.”

But the big question is: Is it a vanity exercise or another round of technological awesomeness that is changing the way you do things at home? Are motorized blinds a necessity or luxury?

Yes, you have read it right.

The truth is, people, cherish the convenience that comes with automating things at home. But, there is still a large chunk of people out there that keep tossing the idea of motorized blinds in their homes to the bins.

But the big question is: Is it a vanity exercise or another round of technological awesomeness that is changing the way you do things at home? Are motorized blinds a necessity or luxury?

This post discusses various reasons why this technology isn’t ‘just good enough’ but a necessity for your windows and home at large.

Reason #1: Good news if you have difficulty reaching your windows

There are homes with custom windows located behind furniture or up to the ceiling. Climbing up to raise or lower the shades or tilt the blinds to achieve the desired lighting is a pretty difficult job – and at times highly dangerous. But, motorizing the blinds can turn an otherwise ugly task into an effortless one. It will also help save time that you would otherwise expend closing one by one or drawing them to open in hard to reach places. All you need is just to hit a button or your smartphone or remote control to create the lighting that works for you.

Reason #2: One ingredient of your Smart Home arsenal

We are quickly sinking into the ‘convenience world.’ We demand it in almost every facet of our day-to-day lives. If there isn’t a one-touch way of getting things done, we tend to frown at our tech. That is why having motorized blinds in the house becomes very important. One reason is the effortless ability to raise or lower shades. That way, you can easily eliminate screen glare when you are ready to turn on your computer game or catch a movie.

Again, you can automate the shades to allow in the amount of sunshine you need to come out of your bed. That way, you get rid of the unwelcome beams of light that would otherwise mess with your sleep. Those are some of the instances that make the blinds a true winner.

Reason#3: Safety of your children

Every parent wants to keep their children safe at home. But, despite their concerted efforts, there is still a huge number of children – actually about 4.5 million – that are injured at home every year.

As a good parent, you want to ensure that you have secured your electrical outlets, furniture, and childproof cupboards that have dangerous chemicals. You have also installed locks on doors and cabinets.

But, despite the efforts, some parents fail to consider the dangers posed by blinds with chords. As a result, there have been countless accidents. Blind chords have been a significant strangulation hazard that is still hounding most homes. According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, over 16,000 children in the US were treated for blind chords-related between 1990 and 2015. While the nature of the injuries was not life-threatening, about 271 children succumbed to their injuries. That is pretty bad news for every parent.

Thankfully, we now have technology that protects our young ones from different household dangers. Installing motorized blinds and shades does away with the risky dangling chords that would harm them while you are away.

Reason #4: Important for your home security

There are times when you are away from home for a week or month. In such cases, you’ll always want to be in control of your home. Thanks to the automated blinds, you can set timers to lower or raise the blinds at particular times. You can as well remotely lower and rise shades. That way, you’ll be giving your empty home/house a “lived-in appearance.” No would-be burglar or intruder would want to break into a house that looks occupied. It also an easy way of giving your in-house plants extra sun rays.

Reason #5: Saves energy

When you operate your blinds normally, there are fewer chances that you’ll optimally adjust your shades. However, you can program your motorized shades such that you can reap all the benefits such systems can offer.

That isn’t all. Once you connect the motorized shades to your smart sun sensor or home hub, it can help you cut down on energy consumption by your HVAC system. That way, the shades will close when it is hot and open during the winter to allow rays of sunshine to warm up the house naturally. As a result, it helps reduce energy consumption, which is not only good for you but also for the environment.

Reason #6: Increases freedom for the disabled and the elderly

As you grow older, your need for assistance tends to increase. At times, the tasks that used to be easy – like adjusting the blinds – tend to be overwhelming. The elderly don’t need to lie in their beds with their shades down just because the assistant hasn’t arrived yet. All it takes to get the blinds in order is pressing a button on their smartphone or remote control. They could also create a schedule that fits in with their needs.

Summing it up

Motorizing your blinds isn’t a luxury treatment extended to your windows. There are many benefits to motorizing your blinds as part of your smart home automation initiative. Talk about convenience, peace of mind, safety, and value – all at the touch of a button.