6 Fun Toddler Outdoor Play Ideas for this Summer

After months of the dreary winter weather, look forward to exciting summer toddler activities. Pull up some kids tables and chairs, chalk, a bicycle, or set up a pool, and enjoy making lifelong memories with your children.

The Little Artist

Encourage the creative side of your toddler this summer. An art easel is necessary furniture for any children’s playroom. Pull the easel outside and allow your child to fingerpaint with washable poster paints. They can paint on paper or bring out a large cardboard box. Let them paint the box and make it into a playhouse, a boat, or a castle. The best thing about painting outdoors? When your little artist is finished, simply hose them down outside. Quick and fun cleanup!

Water Play

Even if you don’t have a large pool you can have fun with your toddler and water. Set up water sprinklers or a water slide. Be sure that an adult is present at all times for supervision. Put a toddler pool outside and fill it with fun water toys. Play water balloon games. Don’t have a lot of space? Fill a large container with water, spoons, cups, and toys. Your child will have fun for hours.

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!

Nothing is more magical than seeing a toddler laugh while catching bubbles. Buy large bubble wands or smaller wands for tiny hands. Colorful bubbles can be a joy to see floating in the sunlight. Combine food coloring and bubble mixture together. Then blow bubbles onto large sheets of white paper. The bubbles will create beautiful artwork.

Sand Play

Buy a toddler sandbox or fill a large container with sand. Add shovels, buckets, and dinosaurs. Add fun manipulatives like large shells. Use big cookie cutters to make shapes in the sand. Use a wooden spoon to practice drawing numbers and letters in the sand.

Sports Fun

Your toddler might be too young to put on soccer or baseball cleats, join an organized team and play a proper game, but you can still have fun playing sports with her. Bring out a large laundry basket and a ball. Toss the ball to your toddler and encourage him to throw it into the basket. Give your child a large plastic baseball bat. Tie a ball to a string. Tie the string to a tree branch. Let your child practice swinging at the ball. Or just practice kicking a ball with your toddler. Their laughs will bring you joy.


Set up a blanket or a small table and have a wonderful picnic outside. Bring easy to eat finger foods like sandwiches, crackers, and small pieces of fruit. Have your toddler help you in the kitchen. They can place pieces of cheese on bread or wash fruits and vegetables. Make homemade lemonade and cookies. Choose a spot close to a playground or field. Let the children run around after their picnic.

Enjoy making wonderful memories with your child. The sunshine and exercise will bring lasting fun for hours.