6 DIY Home Window Cleaning Tips

Going for that streak-free gleam but ending up with whirls and swirls? Window cleaning requires specific equipment and skill levels beyond basic home cleaning chores. But have no fear, you are about to learn some do-it-yourself home cleaning tips and methods that will give you crystal clear glass in no time.

1. Use Two Scrubbers

The first tip is to invest in two high-quality durable window cleaning scrubbing bars (also known as mops or applicators). If you want cleaner windows, then two scrubbers are far better than one. A lot of people make the mistake of using a single applicator for a window cleaning project. If you’re using the same applicator for both the interior and exterior of your windows, you’re going to wind up spreading a lot of dirt around or spending a lot of extra time washing your tools. For example, if you’re cleaning bird droppings and other pollutants off your window, you won’t want any of that to come indoors. Keep one mop for inside and leave the other one outdoors.

2. Using Liquid Detergent

If you are looking for a cheap window cleaning solution, then look no further than liquid dish washing detergent. Dish washing detergent is widely available, and you don’t need a lot of it.

It’s up to you what kind of dish detergent you use, but any kind will get rid of grease and dirt on your window. It has the added bonus of being slippery helping your squeegee glide along the glass. Consider using a biodegradable soap for the outside windows to avoid doing any harm to sensitive plants.

3. Use Steel Wool

Some windows are located near trees, which can leave them with tree sap stains that are a pain to remove. If you have windows that have tree sap on it or other hard to remove contaminants, then use super fine steel wool will help remove it, but before you use it you’ll want to spray the affected area with water and detergent ensuring the sections is sufficiently lubricated. Be sure to use professional 0000 grade to avoid damaging the window. Rub softly and with care. Only use on small sections of external glass on difficult to remove grime and staining. Never use on tint.

4. Carry A Few Lint-free Rags

With lint-free rags or clothes, homeowners can take care of small details that squeegees cannot. A high-quality rag can get right into the sills, as well as the edges of the glass. In fact, you should keep at least 2-3 rags by your side. Professional clothes for window cleaning detailing are called ‘Scrims’, however, clean tea towels are perfect for small home jobs and don’t need to be broken in.

After you have gone over the window with the squeegee, use a rag or tea towel to wipe along the edges of the glass. As water can get trapped in bubbles around the frames it will many times run out and down your newly cleaned window after you walk away, so be sure to wipe around the edges. Your cloth can also be used to touch up any small water drips that have run down your window in the cleaning process. When it comes to glass, the smallest details can make all the difference.

5. Consider Investing In A Power Washer

Consider buying a power washer machine. Alternately, you could hire a company like, Columbia Brothers Power Washing whom would come and complete this for you. Not to clean your windows mind you. The pressure washer can be used to clean your walls, facades and frames around your windows. How does this help the window cleaning process you ask? After cleaning your windows rain will run down your walls and facades above the windows dragging along with it all the dirt and grime from your house. Clean your walls first and you will be able to keep your windows cleaner for longer, not to mention maintaining the cleanliness of your entire house. You don’t need an expensive one for ground level work. The results will be far more impressive and will keep cleaner for longer.

6. Remove Your Screens

Consider also removing your window screens during the wetter months of the year. Screens tend to trap dirt and dust, which means they can make your windows dirtier and even stain them, particularly if you have older steel mesh fly screens. As a rule, if you don’t use it, remove it! If your window screen is dirty, you can get it clean with a lint roller or simply wash it down. But be warned, remove it first before washing it and don’t put it back until it dries. Tap water is full of chemicals and minerals and spotting ions that will stain. You don’t want any of that on your glass.

If keeping your windows clean is a struggle give these home window cleaning tips and tricks a try. They can be extremely effective and make household window cleaning tasks a lot easier. Get your windows cleaned and keep them clean!