51 Cheap & Easy To Make DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas

Halloween is the festival which makes one of the best holidays. It’s creative ideas help to make a blast. It has become more of a popular trend since its inception. Yes, it has its own range of them for costumes, decorations etc. celebrated on 31st October, it remains as one of the most awaited events of the year. It is related to life in haunted houses, reading scary stories, ghost tours, watching horror movies and spreading the love. To help you with the last, here are some DIY Halloween Decorations ideas that will make you stand out.

These ideas are carefully handpicked on their convenience for making and affordability. Yes, these go easy on you while making a bold statement on your behalf. These ideas will be a landmark for creating more of sincerity and truth of evil. These DIY Halloween Decorations ideas will center your party which will allow you opportunities to surprise and scare your guests. These ideas are going out of the ordinary and bring a lot to the table beside black and orange.

Yes, these ideas are all about remaining tactic in your approach to scare some of your guests, while spending the whole weekend working on them. Apart from the Pumpkins and scarecrow, indulge your guests with some of the boldest and scary fun pranks with these DIY Halloween Decorations ideas. What these ideas will make sure your festival is scary, fun, enjoyable and a memory to cherish for the year.

Moreover, these ideas will make you go out of the way of ordinary and do something new in your approach. While at it, you can add your own personal touch and own every one of these. So whatever you got planned, candle holders or bat mobiles, make sure they are extra scary with these DIY Halloween Decorations ideas.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween Skull DIY By Mark Montano Blog

Halloween Skull DIY

5 DIY Halloween Skull Decorations with plastic skull as main material.

  • Planter skull – Part of the head is cut to create a hollow then filled with soil for succulent plants.
  • Sugar skull vase – Cut part has no soil, instead a stem of flowers is placed on the hollow.
  • Coachella skull – Without the cut, the head is surrounded with a headgear flowers.
  • Skull candle holder – A candle holder is glued on top.
  • Tattoo skull – Images of butterfly are glued all over the skull.

Floating Candles By Eating Bender

Floating Candles DIY Halloween Decorations

Floating candles for the ceiling of a venue, beautifully installed in lieu of chandeliers. The candles are made of toilet paper rolls, painted white with the candles looking realistically drippy. The lights come from installed LED lights. The mood is dark and magical that reminds you of a part of the Harry Potter movie, Order of the Phoenix.

Spooky Eyeball Wreath By A Pretty Life

Spooky Eye DIY Halloween Spooky Eyeball Wreath

A wreath is not only specific to Christmas. Here is a different version, a Spooky Eyeball Wreath for your door as Halloween wreath decoration. Spooky eyeballs are glued or attached all around a grapevine wreath which had been painted black. The googly bloodshot eyeballs create a unique scary atmosphere for all the kids roaming around for their tricks or treats.

Halloween Pillowcase Chair Covers By Every Day Dishes

halloween pillowcase chair covers

Halloween pillowcase chair cover is in a jack-o-lantern theme. Orange or orange-dyed cotton fabric, the color of pumpkin is used as the base of the cover. The cover fits well on the back of the chair. Black fabric is cut out into two big triangles for the eyes, a smaller triangle for the nose and a mouth. The cut outs are glued creating the face of jack-o-lantern. A strip of black cloth is attached on top to form the pumpkin’s stem. Decorative black bow on top completes the project.

Smashing Pumpkin Floral Arrangement By Hibs100

smashing pumpkin floral arrangement

Pumpkin floral arrangement is for the Halloween dining table. The pumpkin size is in proportion to the size of the table. The top of the pumpkin is trimmed, all the flesh and seeds inside taken out and replaced by a water-soaked oasis. Different flowers in different lengths are arranged in the oasis. There are decorative twigs. A hand-made bow tied by a wire and inserted on the oasis completes this pumpkin centerpiece.

DIY Origami Halloween Lights By Handmade Charlotte

DIY Prepare Origami Halloween Lights

Set-up on a corner of the house are lighted Origami Halloween Lights hanging on a twig that is nestled in a clear bottle, half-filled with white fine sand. The origami jack-o-lanterns and ghost lanterns are made of orange papers and white papers, folded into balls. Eyes, nose and mouth are drawn in black pen on a side of the paper ball lantern. The opening of the ball is on top where the Christmas lights are inserted. Turn on the light and there goes your twinkling Halloween corner accent.

Halloween Crafts For Kids Monster Cups By The Simple Parent

Halloween Crafts Kids Monster Cups

Monster cups for the Halloween decorations are good projects to preoccupy the kids. Transparent plastic cups are painted and turned them into monsters like ghost, spider, Frankenstein and pumpkin. Cups were painted in white, gray, green and orange representing each of the monsters. Glued to each cup are goobly eyes and the nose and mouth are drawn. Green spiraled wire is attached as handle of the pumpkin and black pipe cleaners form the legs of the spider.

Puffy Paint Pumpkin By Alisa Burke

pretty painted pumpkins DIY Halloween Decorations

Puppy Paint Pumpkins are not only for Halloween; they can be great decorations for other seasons too. Pumpkins that are dark in color are painted white then with the use of dimensional paint, free designs are painted all over the pumpkin. Other colors are used and with the light skinned pumpkin, there is no need for color, just the use of dimensional paint for the design. Pumpkins are in different sizes for variety of design.

Heart Pumpkin DIY Halloween Decorations By Pop Cosmo

Heart Pumpkin DIY Halloween Decorations

The Heart Pumpkin has a cut-out heart attached on one side. The stem is painted with shimmering gold or silver. Striped ribbons are glued all around the pumpkin at uniform distance between each. A gold or silver (depending on the color of stem) heart is cut out then attached on the center of one side of the pumpkin. Smaller or bigger versions are made; the pumpkins group together to form a decor.

Easy Halloween Treats For Kids By Tonya Staab

Easy DIY Halloween Treats For Kids

Halloween treats in bat candy containers are great handouts to kids coming for tricks or treats. The candy containers make use of black pillow boxes. Bat wings made of black cardboards are attached to each side of the box. Goobly eyes are attached to the front and formed the bat’s eyes. The pillow box is filled with candies for the kids; then closed to secure the contents.

Chalkboard Treat Buckets By Uncommon Designs

halloween treat buckets chalkboard paper tags

Several Treat Buckets group together can be an adornment for the Halloween Day table. Change the colors for festive red and green colors to make it for Christmas. Polka dots are glued to small peat pots. The black frills are attached all around inside the lid. Insert black ribbon on opposite sides to form the handle. The pot’s lip is wrapped around by black and white twine. A small chalkboard attacked to the twine forms as the bucket tag. The pot is filled with candies and goodies.

DIY Skull String Art By A Beautiful Mess

DIY skull string art

The Skull String Art is good to place on top of the piano, China cabinet, desk or just on a wall. The frame is made of a rectangular wood painted in black. The skull, as well as the eyes, nose and mouth are defined and outlined by a series of small nails. Then white string is hooked on the nails in a zig-zagging or criss-crossing pattern to cover the whole skull leaving the eyes, nose and mouth parts.

Last Minute DIY Spooky Eyes on Tree By Princess & The Frog Blog

easy to make Last Minute DIY Halloween decorations

A full grown huge tree in your yard and garden can mimic this design of Spooky Eyes on Tree. The eyes are made from two big white beach balls, about 24 inches in diameter. On the center of each ball, the iris is drawn in black paint or waterproof marker. The eyes are attached high on the tree using sturdy rope. You have eyes looking at all people passing by.

Ghostly Ceiling Decor (Via)

Ghostly Ceiling Decor

Ghostly Ceiling Decors are very great to put outdoors, in the patio or veranda or perhaps in the carport. White water balloons are used and filled with water. It has a glow stick that creates the illumination. The water-filled balloons are placed inside white stockings that are attached to the ceiling and suspended in the air in unequal heights.

Hanging Ghosts DIY Halloween Decorations By Simply Designing

Hanging Ghosts diy halloween decorations

Hanging Halloween ghosts decorations are three styrofoam balls of graduated sizes; they form the family of Father, Mother and Baby ghosts. Eye nail is inserted on each ball and this is where the string to suspend the head is tied. Eyes are painted in black. A piece of square cheese cloth, cut and tattered, covers the head. Three are made to form the family of Hanging Ghosts.

Halloween Pumpkin Arch By Crazi Carlos

Halloween Pumpkin ligth outdoor

The Halloween pumpkin arch made use of lots of jack-o-lanterns in various sizes and various faces. The pumpkins are foam type, hollow and are carved to make a variation in the faces. Some white are inserted to break the orange monotony. The pumpkins are tied and arranged on rebar and PVC arch measuring 8 feet high and 10 feet wide. Lights were installed for nightly illumination.

Flying Bats Easy DIY By Made Every Day

Flying Bats easy diy decorating ideas

A very huge pumpkin is on the dining table. This is not the attraction but the enormous number of flying Halloween bats attacking the pumpkin. A template of bats is made and this serves as the pattern for the hundreds of cut-out bats. The material for the bats is black card stock or construction paper. Bats are attached with the use of double stick tape or duct tape.

Spirit Jugs By Eighteen 25

gallon jug halloween decorations

Spirit Jugs entail collection of many empty milk jugs. On one side of the jug, the face of the spirit is drawn using black mark pen. Different faces of spirits are done. A small hole was made at the other side of the jug, opposite the face. Christmas lights are inserted in the hole for the spirit to glow when the lights are turned on. The jugs are lined along the pathway or porch.

Black Birds Outdoor Decoration (Via)

Black Birds halloween outdoor decoration ideas

Black birds are outdoors. Twigs are aligned at the left and right sides of the stair’s step. Seated on the twigs are black birds positioned to greet the coming kids. On the base of each twig is a group of three pumpkins. The height of the twig almost reaches the ceiling. Some birds are on the floor, some stepping on the pumpkins. The daughter of the homeowner at the door is dressed as a witch.

Magnetic Spiders By Delia Creates

Magnetic Spiders pattern Diy Decor

Magnetic spiders nicely adorn a white metal door. The attached spiders are plastic spider rings that can be found in dollar shops. The rings are cut off and replaced with magnets using hot glue. If your front door is not metal, then you can attach your magnetic spiders to your fridge door or any other metal door. Place an orange wreath to conform to Halloween color theme. Before we share 4 Tips for how to make Halloween decorations with spider & web inside & outside of home to spook up everyone.

Decorative Pumpkin Vases By Poppy Talk


Pretty pumpkin vase painted in pink placed on a round wood cake holder is a nice idea for your center table. Paint the well-proportioned pumpkin pink with an assortment of artificial roses and other flowers; the pumpkin serves as a vase. Want it to be more of a Halloween theme? Then, pick orange flowers with some black flowers. You can opt to paint your pumpkin in any color and still stick to your holiday theme.

Halloween Spiderweb By The Art Of Doing Stuff

Halloween Spiderweb Living Room Wall

The huge Halloween spider web turns a white wall into a spooky area. Cut out double adhesive tapes are attached to the wall and the white yarn to form the web passes through the attached tapes. Circles were created, from the center rise the straight parts of the web, then the draping parts. A huge spider is pinned in the center with three crawling small spiders. On the side table is skull and down the floor are timber logs.

Spooky Door Greeter (Via)