5 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom

Since bathrooms are not typically the focal point of a home, they can quickly become outdated and stuffy. However, your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, meaning that it deserves the same love and attention you give any other room. Here are some ideas to modernize your bathroom:

1. Paint

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom look more modern is to give it a fresh coat of paint. This will make the bathroom look much cleaner, but you can select a color to make it more contemporary as well. Many modern bathrooms use a bright and trendy color to make everything pop. For example, red can be a great color to make your bathroom look cutting-edge and fresh. There’s nothing wrong with the classic white, though. Modern bathrooms can take a super minimalistic approach by incorporating natural colors.

Modernize Your Bathroom3

2. Lighting

Today, there are numerous options to make your bathroom lighting look much more contemporary. Instead of using unattractive lights, select cute or modern hanging lights. You may even want to consider ceiling lights for smaller bathrooms. Keep lighting modern by selecting options with crisp lines. Make sure that your lighting is not overly ornate or super curved. Instead, a simple hanging light with a glass covering can modernize your bathroom immediately.

3. Add Glass

Glass is a great way to make your bathroom look fresh and clean, especially if you add it around your shower. Glass showers will never go out of style, yet they always look contemporary and unique. Since glass can be a bit of an expense, you should take the time to find an affordable producer like Pioneer Glass. Their products are not only affordable, but beautiful at the same time.

4. Bring the Outside Inside

One of the biggest crazes right now is making your interior space look more outdoorsy. Bring flowers, ivy, or trees into your bathroom. This will make it look much more inviting and warm. Plus, many plants thrive on the humidity within bathrooms. If you have allergies, simply opt for fake plants instead. Amazon can provide you with some inexpensive options if you are on a budget. Since you will probably use these decorations for a while, we recommend selecting a much more natural and real looking alternative to a cheap plastic one.

Modernize Your Bathroom2

5. Mirror

Make your mirror the center of your bathroom. Since you spend most of your time looking at yourself in the mirror, make it a beautiful and modern focal point. There are tons of modern options today that you can choose from. Feel free to go with a unique design or shape. You can also mix match metal finishes with your mirror, making it really pop against the other features in your bathroom.


Make sure your bathroom doesn’t look tired or dated by keeping it fresh and modern. Something as simple as adding greenery inside or more ornate as adding glass can truly transform your bathroom.