5 Tips to Have Better Sleep in Your Bedroom

Having a better night rest in your bedroom is a must if you want to prevent health-related issues such as insomnia, chronic back pain, and fatigue. There are quite a number of ways you can achieve this, including the following;

Avoid Consumption of Caffeine During the Day

Avoid Consumption of Caffeine During the Day

Drinking caffeinated drinks later than 4 pm will disrupt your sleep because caffeine is diuretic and you will have to visit the bathroom several times in the night. Caffeine is known to stimulate the body’s nervous system, thus keeping you alert even in bedtime. Studies have shown that consuming caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee later than 6 hours before bedtime can worsen insomnia. Stick with clean water or de-caffeinated tea if you have to drink before bedtime.

Reduce Your Exposure to Blue Light Before Going to Bed

Blue light exposure from your computer, smartphone, and other smart gadgets can send wrong signals to your brain, making the organ to think that that it is not yet time to go to bed. Continuous exposure to blue light rays will reduce the secretion of relaxing hormones- Melatonin. To reduce this effect, you may want to wear glasses when using devices in the night, to reduce the intensities of the blue light rays. You should also endeavor to switch off the TV, smartphone and other devices at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Make Use of Earmuffs to Eliminate Disturbing Noises

Make Use of Earmuffs to Eliminate Disturbing Noises
If you reside close to noisy neighborhoods or your neighbors are having wild parties, then the only option you should consider to achieve better sleep in the bedroom is Earmuffs. Sleeping Ear Muffs have great noise cancellation capabilities that ensure that little or no noise filters through, to disrupt your sleep. You should consider choosing ear muffs with noise cancellation ratings of 30dB and above. Make sure you go for ear muffs that snug perfectly to your ears, to achieve greater effects.

Take Melatonin Supplement

If you have some underlying medical conditions that are reducing your access to quality sleep, then you should ask your doctor if melatonin supplement can help you. Melatonin is that hormone naturally present in the body that sends signals to the brain that it is time to sleep. Poor melatonin secretion in the body may affect your chance of good quality sleep.

Exercise Moderately During the Day

Exercise is known to increase blood flow to vital organs of the body, including the brain, which in turn brings relaxation effect. You can exercise by doing what you enjoy, there may be cycling, brisk walking, and swimming.


There are several other considerations you should make in order to achieve better sleep at night. Make sure you optimize your bedroom environment by eliminating clutters and shutting off the curtains to prevent stray lights from the environment. Try as much as possible to reduce your day time napping so that you can have longer sleeping hours in the night. You should also avoid taking alcohol before bedtime because it can disrupt your sleep.