5 Tips to Create the Perfect Alfresco Area

But because there are many brands to pick from, deciding which type to pick can be challenging. Make sure that you consider the style that you want. Do you want to create a traditional, contemporary or modern feel in your alfresco area?

Your outdoor space is just as important as the indoors. While many people only focus on beautifying their interior, we’re glad that you’ve made the decision to give your outdoors the same attention. And we’re here to help you make the most out of it. If you’re not sure what to do with your outdoor space, why not create an alfresco area? In this article we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to spruce it up.

Pick the Right Outdoor Blinds

You want to make sure that you pick the right outdoor blinds for your alfresco area. The blinds you install can make or break your outdoor space. In other words, they can either make it look mediocre or exceptional. We’re guessing you want the latter. Fortunately for you, when it comes to outdoor cafe blinds Melbourne residents are spoilt for choice.

But because there are many brands to pick from, deciding which type to pick can be challenging. Make sure that you consider the style that you want. Do you want to create a traditional, contemporary or modern feel in your alfresco area?

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Also, consider the colour of the blinds. Pick a colour that matches your outdoor furnishings so that your blinds seamlessly blend in. You’ll also want to consider the mechanism. Are the blinds manually operated or motorised? Motorised blinds allow for hassle free operation.

Of course, you must look at the durability. No one wants to buy a product that’ll disintegrate before the year is up. What are the materials used in the blinds’ construction? High quality blinds won’t be warping, fading or cracking any time soon.

Pick the Correct Furniture

Don’t get carried away by the endless decor trends you see online or in magazines. Before you go ahead and buy that cute four-seater, you need to first make sure that you have the space for it.

Only after determining the actual space that’s available can you pick the right furniture that will fit. Either that or you’ll end up with a cramped space that has little to no manoeuvring room. Good luck trying to host friends in such a space!

Examples of outdoor furniture you can pick include a couch, table or set of bar stools. The type of furniture you buy will also depend on the kind of environment you want to create. Bar stools are ideal if you’re likely to host plenty of wine parties in a casual and informal environment. If you prefer an environment where you’ll relax on your own or with family most of the time, then a couch will work.

Are you working with minimal space? Bench storage that have flap-open seats are ideal so you can store items inside. Whatever you do, make sure that the furniture is also of high quality and resistant to extreme weather conditions to avoid premature damage.

Accessories & Decorations

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Accessories aren’t only meant for decorating your indoor space your outdoor areas too. Throw a few colourful scatter cushions on your couch to add that homely feel. The colours you pick are important because they affect the overall mood, ambience and feel. Do you prefer subtle colours that display elegance? Maybe you’re bold enough to add a little colour to liven up the space?

Add a plant, lamp or chandelier to decorate the space and make it look more attractive. A painting or two will also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

You can throw down a rug to create a cosy, comfortable and homely environment. After all, most alfresco areas are meant to be an extension of your indoor space and aim to bring the “indoors outside”.

Include a Grill/BBQ

If you’re going to be hosting small parties out on your alfresco area purchasing a grill or BBQ will come in handy. This saves you endless trips to and from the kitchen & provides you with more time to mingle with your guests.

Either pick a large or small grill depending on the space available. If it’s a small space, you can opt for a closed as opposed to an open-style grill so that smoke produced doesn’t bother your guests. Alternatively, you can place your grill or BBQ on the side of your house if you want it out of the way.

Keep it Simple

Our best advice is to keep it simple. Less is more and definitely more attractive when creating your alfresco area. Only add items that you’ll actually use and get rid of any clutter. The idea is to beautify your outdoor space but still leave it roomy and spacious & oozing with elegance.

Final Words

Creating the alfresco area of your dreams is pretty simple and doesn’t have to cost much. Compare quotes from the different outdoor blinds Melbourne retailers have to offer to get the best deal. And above all, make sure that you purchase them from reputable sellers to avoid buying sub-standard items.

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