5 Tips on Giving Your Dining Room a Revamp on a Budget

The dining room is the place where everyone in the family sit down to have a meal. But, lets face it, there are a lot of times when the family members just did not come to the table to have the meal together. Instead, they take the food to their room or sit in front of the TV to eat them. If you want to encourage all family members to sit down together to eat, you should consider revamping the dining room. Revamping the dining room can also give a good impression if you frequently invite important guests to have dinner. The following are 5 tips on how you can revamp your dining room on a budget.

1.Get a Stylish Dining Table from the Resale Furniture Shop

Get a Stylish Dining Table from the Resale Furniture Shop

When people want to remodel the dining room, they will start to calculate the cost of buying new dining table. But, have you ever think before that new table will soon become used table. So, it makes sense to get a resale furniture at the store. You will get the style of dining table you want at a cheaper cost in your budget and you will have more money to spend on accessorizing the room.

You can easily find resale furniture shop by checking the local paper. Buying it offline is the best because you can see and check the furniture personally. If you can’t find it offline, you can buy it online in places like Ebay and Amazon. Since a furniture is a big item, make sure you buy it from a reputable seller to ensure that it will be shipped promptly.

2.Paint the Dining Room Wall with an Accent Color

Paint the Dining Room Wall with an Accent Color
Many people feel reluctant to buy new dining table when the existing table is still not yet worn down. You actually don’t need to buy new dining table at all – for example, you can paint the wall in the dining room with a bold color to create a focal point. The wall that you should paint in an accent color is the first wall you see when entering the room. Ideally, the wall should also not have any windows. If you like your wall to have pattern, you can install wallpaper instead.

3.Put Cut Flowers or Potted Plants on the Dining Table

Put Cut Flowers or Potted Plants on the Dining Table
You can make the dining table attractive by putting a vase of fresh flowers or potted plants on it. When deciding the flower arrangement, ask yourself if you or any member in the household suffer from any allergy related to plant. If there is, you can choose a plant that is anti-allergy such as lucky bamboo. Lucky bamboo will survive in a pot with pebbles and clear water in a place that is kept away from the sunlight.

If you like rose, you can put champagne rose. Its creamy color can easily blend in with a wood table and a cream color wall in the background. It can also fill the dining room with a natural rose scent. Birds of paradise is ideal for people who want to decorate their dining tables with colorful plants. Bird of Paradise needs a lot of sunshine but the sunlight must not be too strong. The ideal room temperature for putting a begonia plant is 60 F.

If you want to decorate the table with a potted plant, make sure it is not blocking the opposite view so that you will not have problem in conversing with the person sitting there. Cactus/succulents is the perfect potted plant for decorating a dining table as it is usually small in size. Prickly pear cactus which can be purchased from Spain local florist services are best for indoor dining room decor. They can also be put on the patio table in the outdoor. It should be placed in a spot on the dining table that is exposed to a lot of sunlight. Cactus have tiny pricks and should be kept away from children reach.

If you like fancy flower, begonia may be the flower you are looking for your dining table. You can choose different colors of begonia like yellow, orange, pink, dark pink, white, and red to match with the room theme. Begonia plant should be placed in an area that receives bright and indirect sunlight. If you prefer plants that only have leaves, you can choose snake plant for your dining room. Snake plant is a decorative leaves plant with thick and wavy leaves. Snake plant needs a watering once every 2 – 6 weeks. If you notice the leave is turning brown, you can water it again. Snake plant is best put in a place with indirect sunlight.

4.Install a Statement Lighting

Install a Statement Lighting
You can make a dramatic improvement on your dining room by adding a statement lighting above it. The style of the statement lighting must match with the style of the table. When deciding how big it should be, consider the size of your table. As a rule of thumb, the light fixture should be 2/3 of the table size. You can install a row of pendants on a long table that seats 12 people. If it is small table that seats four, you can get a small chandelier. Recessed light fixtures can provide the light for areas that are dark. If you don’t want to buy the recessed lighting separately, you can get a statement lighting that features a dimmer.

5.Add Accessories to the Dining Room

Add Accessories to the Dining Room
The statement lighting and flowers are not the only accessories you can add to a dining room. For example, you can add items like clock, mirror, shelves, and paintings to the wall that face the dining table. When decorating the dining room’s wall, don’t try to hang every item that you like so that it won’t look cluttered. If there is a cupboard in the room, you can decorate it with some small decor from the garage sale. If there is no garage sale, you can go to places like Ebay to find knock off. Knock offs look like original decor with minor differences. There is no point buying an expensive decor since it is just for viewing.