5 Things to Keep Your Home Healthy

Trust me; it’s the most unhealthy act you’ll ever do to make your indoors not only harmful for your little ones but allergy-prone elderly too. Our environments reflect our inner state, and chaos in the home should never be your option.

Are you tired of clearing up the mess cluttered at every corner of your home? Well, you should be! A messy home isn’t healthy at all –it invites bacteria, viruses, and fungi to contaminate your surroundings.

Why don’t you think of keeping your home clean and healthy all the time? So you don’t certainly need to spend your entire weekends in major cleanups or learn to live in that way.

Trust me; it’s the most unhealthy act you’ll ever do to make your indoors not only harmful for your little ones but allergy-prone elderly too. Our environments reflect our inner state, and chaos in the home should never be your option.

If you install a dehumidifier with HEPA filters or simply follow some simple healthy tips in mind, things get quite easy and underway. You’ll not have to spend tiresome hours cleaning the homes if you think to maintain them.

Here, we have explored some things and habits that will not only keep your homes healthier and clean but free from all the pathogens. Let’s get right into the business!

Tips for Keeping the Home Clean and Healthy

You don’t certainly need to know any rocket-science knowledge to keep your home healthy. Here are a few simple tips that can save your hectic home-cleaning weekend routines.

1. Keep Your Shoes at the Door


Once you pass your shoes from the entryway –you’ve got messy things, germs, and clutter entered in your home. Just think about where the sole had been landing throughout your outdoor journey.

Was that a clean road, a muddy pathway, fresh grass, or some other place? No matter how clean the pathway was, even if you see your shoe’s bottom clean, it has plenty of pathogens and dust particles.

When you enter those shoes on the floor where you often walk bare feet or in socks, would that really keep your indoor healthy anymore? No ways! What’s the catch?

Keep the germs and dirt at your doorstep, and don’t let surpass that boundary, so you don’t have to clean the entire house now and then. How about if you have one shoe-storage system in your garage?

YES! It’s the best idea, no doubt. The shoe-system you’re going to add must have enough cubes and shelves instead of using a large bin for randomly flinging the shoe straightaway.

One more thing! You must keep a natural fiber rug at the entryway –one out and one inside. But the outside one must be a rough sisal mat for scuffing major dirt off from the shoes. What about the inside one?

We usually recommend seagrass or sisal natural mat for inside because it’s non-toxic. Moreover, it will hide the dirt really well and soaks the winter slush up in a great way.

All you have to do is introduce some healthy habits and invest in getting a toxic-free mat for the entryways.

2. Organize the Things after Using

It’s a common thing that we love to pick-up things, use them straight away, and forget to place them back in place. Isn’t it? Actually, you are preparing yourself for a long cleaning session –that’s for nonetheless.

Instead of making things complicated for spending hours, why don’t you opt for an attitude to keep things organized? If you haven’t opted yet, do that first and ensure that everything has its own place.

Sounds impressive! Right? Let’s talk about some examples!

  • When you change your clothes every morning, don’t clutter them on sofas, beds, and floors. Instead, it would be best if you preferred flinging dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Do you keep your toiletries and makeup organized after every morning’s getting-ready session? Most probably not! Keep your toiletries and makeup in place, and don’t leave the hairdryer or straightener plugged-in and laying on the counter.
  • Make sure you’re hanging clothes on the hooks, most probably at the entryway, or hang them in your closets.
  • Organize the kitchen utensils back in place once you’re done preparing the breakfast or dinner.
  • Don’t scatter your technological equipment here and there. Place your laptop back at the desk if you’re done using it elsewhere in the home.
  • When you’re done snuggling up on the bed or couch, fold the blanket and place them back in place.
  • Make sure to dry the wet towels in sunlight before you fold and put them back to the cupboards. It will prevent molds and fungi growth.
  • Put the magazines and books back on shelves and basket once you’re done reading.

The good thing is, it’s not only your duty, but every member of your home has to play his role. No matter if it’s your spouse or little kid, make them understand the importance of healthy habits and a healthy environment.

3. Install a Heat Recovery Ventilator in Your Home


Years ago, humidifiers were present in everybody’s home in winters. The houses were structured leaky that almost all the outside air tended to build up inside with a very little moisture content.

Today, houses are engineered in a way to not let even traces of outside air. So the indoors are more likely to accumulate moisture in winters. What’s the catch, by the way?

All you need is a heat recovery ventilator to control the fresh air volumes –it extracts the heat from the exhausted air and transfers it to the outside air. It’s the best thing to create a healthy environment inside your homes.

You can install it near the furnace or use it as a separate unit if you’re living in an apartment or prefer hydronic heating.

4. Promote Some Indoor Plantation

Outdoor gardens are too common for the pristine and fresh outdoor look, a better tea break, and a healthy morning walk. How about if we say indoor plantation can make the environment healthier than before?

Well! Let’s explore some benefits! Despite absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, plants can remove toxic elements from the air.

Both the leaves and roots play their role in eliminating even the trace amounts of toxic vapors, sealed inside the tight buildings. These toxic elements can trigger various ailments.

Leaves play a good role in removing formaldehyde and carbon monoxide traces from the indoor air. Think about it!

5. Wash the Dishes Every Night


Have you ever wondered how relaxing and fresh it feels when you see a neat and clean kitchen every morning? YES! But on the contrary, things get so frustrating when you see a cluttered kitchen. That’s what demand some efforts you have to make after dinner.

Clean all the dishes before you sleep, the dining table, and all the countertops. You can turn this tiresome chore into a meaningful habit by adding some music or resonating any positive mantra.

When you try doing this every night, you’ll develop the habit and enjoy doing it every day.

The Bottom Line

A clean home is a healthy home, no doubt. A healthy home needs proper maintenance and some ethical attitudes to keep things tidy and clean. Instead of first creating the mess and cleaning it for hours and hours, you should go for some preventive measures.

We have talked about those five important things that you really need to know to keep your homes healthy.