5 Solar Products That You Should Consider Installing in Your Home

Here are some solar products you should consider installing in your home.

Solar energy is the quickest and easiest way to save on your home energy costs. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly power source, which is safe for use in homes with kids and the elderly no matter the device in question.

As much as some of the installation processes for some solar products might be pricey, the benefits are very high and economical in the end. Besides, this type of energy is applicable anywhere and can allow you to have an off-grid power source and security.

Here are some solar products you should consider installing in your home.

1. Solar Attic Fans

These fans ventilate your attic as well as part of your home upstairs. They can easily take care of an overheated attic space, without consuming any of your electrical home energy.

Solar attic fans use an accompanying photovoltaic solar panel as their main source of power. Besides, they are very affordable, requiring very little to no maintenance. Depending on the brand and model, some come assembled while other requires very little wiring, nothing complex or expensive.

You just have to select the best one for your attic space. You can check its areas coverage on its specification section. Here is a list of top 10 best solar attic fans.

However, when it comes to using, make sure you use it in attics that are overheated and highly insulated. Sealed attic spaces are the best, as they prevent the escape of hot air into your living space, which can lead to increase in your cooling energy bills.

Likewise, properly insulated attics also prevent the transfer of heat through the materials used for its ceiling construction. You can also check this article to learn more about solar attic fans.

2. Solar Panels

Solar panels are photovoltaic module installed on a supporting structure, usually in the roof area. The connection, usually done by professionals, is to provide electricity in your home. These panels are also of use in commercial settings.

Solar panels are necessary for any home, especially if you want to save on your electrical energy bills. Besides, you can find them in different types from a thin film type to a monocrystalline panel and interdigitate back contact solar cells, IBC.

If you cannot get a professional to help you pick a model and type for your home, you can ask the store owner or do some basic research. Cola Solar has an experienced team of trained professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about solar panels. Getting the right guidance will help you choose a solar system that is suitable for your specific requirements.

Nonetheless, always ensure you get one with a battery storage system for later use. It should also meet the required international standards and have enough capacity to power some of your essential home appliances like television, refrigerators, freezer, and lights.

3. Solar Powered Water Heater

You can save a lot of electricity while using a water heater powered by solar energy. You can end up saving up to 60% of your electrical bill, by using this type of water heating product.

As for winter, this unit can charge and store enough solar power during the sunniest seasons of the year. This will be enough to get you through the harshest of the winter season. Therefore, you can manage to save your electrical water bills year in year out, no worries. You just have to get the right size for your home needs.

Besides, apart from domestic use, this economically viable solution for heating water can be of use in industrial settings, gymnasiums, educational institutes, and even hospitals.

4. Solar Cookers

This is a very affordable home product for cooking, pasteurizing food or drinks. Depending on make and model, you can get one with minimal to zero costs of operation.

Moreover, this product can reduce fuel or gas costs as well as air pollution. This is because it uses direct heat from the sun to make delicious meals.

5. Solar Powered Lamps

These lamps are portable and can save you some money on your electrical bills especially if you have school going kids who are always up, studying at night. You can also get one for your home office. They consist of a LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.

Apart from being a money saver, they are also eco-friendly reducing all kinds of air pollution and hazards like short circuits and bulb blow-ups.


Nowadays, there are many solar powered products, which make it easier to conserve the electrical bills, while protecting the environment at the same time and increasing the resale value of your home.

Therefore, the next time you think of cutting on your electrical energy cost, just go solar. Try to have as many products that use solar energy. This way you save on your electrical power and still manage to have a reliable source of power in case of a blackout.