5 Reasons You Need a Private Closet

Here are five reasons you should consider adding a private closet to your home.

A private closet, also known as a walk-in closet or a dressing room, is an extension of your space that offers you the privilege of getting ready for work or social engagements in a separate area than your bedroom or bathroom.

Private closets are growing in popularity. While they’ve often been referred to as a symbol of luxury, they’re highly coveted due to their functionality and are becoming widely seen in many middle-class homes.

Here are five reasons you should consider adding a private closet to your home.

1. Make the most out of your space

The functionality of having a private, walk-in closet is enough to convince anyone who is willing and able to get their own. A great way to utilize your space is to turn a spare room into a private closet, or to do renovations to expand your existing closet.

Private closets don’t need to be a standard shape or size – you can work with the layout of your home or bedroom. Do you have an awkward, unused space in your home? Consider transforming it into your own personal walk-in.

Private closets can also be located anywhere that works for you, think under the stairwell, in a lofty attic, or in the office that no one uses. Even though traditional closets are rectangular, you can think outside the box to match what suits your space – your closet can be L-shaped, triangular, or even square. The best part of transforming your space is the freedom that comes with customizing the perfect closet to match your needs. You don’t need to worry about wasting room unnecessarily – you can hang racks, rails and hooks wherever you need them to maximize your space.

Private Closet3

2. For more storage options and to stay organized

Storage can be a struggle for many, even if you don’t live in a shoebox. And while piles of clothes stacked on a chair or bursting drawers seem harmless enough, research shows that clutter and disorganization have a cumulative effect on our brains and can impact our ability to focus, thus decreasing productivity.

The added space of a walk-in aids monumentally with organization, and can allow your bags, shoes, sweaters, coats and accessories to all have their designated area, removing a ton of added stress, particularly in your busy mornings.

Once you have your private closet, you can always expand in the organization department. If there isn’t any built-in storage, you can bring in some drawers, hanging shelves, a full-sized dressing room mirror, and even a vanity. To further make the most of your closer and subject to spatial constraints, you can also bring in a bench to be able to sit on while making outfit decisions or while taking some down time. Perhaps even a steamer, to give your pieces a last-minute freshly pressed look.

Private closets are also great for your clothes, since the added space can allow them to breathe. Since you’re likely investing money to grow your wardrobe, it only makes sense to invest in a walk-in closet that helps keep them in top shape for longer. The ventilation of the open space helps to protect your clothes from built-up humidity that can develop into mold or mildew, which is especially the case if your smaller closet and bathroom are close in proximity.

The added space will help keep your clothes looking fresh and well-kept, since they’re not crammed piece upon piece in a tiny space.

3. For storing your “secret” toys

Your sensuality is your business, and your toys deserve their own sacred place in your space as well. Private closets are the perfect place to store all your “secret” toys, without the fear of children or guests stumbling upon them by mistake.

From your handy vibrators to your realistic dildos, some toys are not as subtle or discreet as others. However, even if you are a seasoned toy collector and want to put a few of your favorites on display, you should have a safe space where you can do so, and a private closet is the perfect opportunity.

A private wardrobe also gives you the flexibility of deciding how to store your intimate clothing pieces, such as lingerie. Gone are the days where they are stuffed at the back of your underwear drawer – with a private closet, you can fold them neatly in their own drawers, lay them out on a shelving unit, or hang them up. Give yourself a safe and secluded space to try on your sensual outfits in peace, as you match sets and sift through the toys you own, instead of digging something out of your drawer in the dark.

Private Closet2

4. To create a sanctuary for yourself

Mornings can be stressful, especially on days where you’re running late or you have a busy day ahead of you. Private closets aid in making getting ready in the morning a breeze, and this positive change helps you to start your morning off right and sets you up for success for the rest of the day.

A private closet is also the ideal space to express your individuality. Through display units and by putting your interior design skills to good use, you can showcase all your prized possessions and proudly look at them every day. Your walk-in closet will become your own personal, private sanctuary. Take your time as you sift through your things, apply makeup, get dressed, or simply sit in silence and meditate. Your wardrobe can become your safe haven, and the space you go to take a few moments to yourself, surrounded by the comfort of your own personal things.

5. Increases the value of your home

Believe it or not, this feature that is widely considered a luxury is highly coveted by many potential home-buyers who do not want to settle for small, crammed closets. A walk-in private closet can be a huge selling point for buyers when the time comes for you to part ways with your humble abode.

Walking into the master bedroom and seeing this second sanctuary is a tease to the mind and the senses. Potential buyers will be plagued by thoughts of that private closet that can be refashioned to suit their taste, while imagining it filled with their belongings.