5 Reasons to Use Touchless Fixtures in the Kitchen (#3 is the Greatest)

The thing about touchless fixtures is that they are nothing but beneficial. Particularly in the busiest space of your home! The KITCHEN! Installing fixtures that are hands-free offers more than just convenience! So here are the top 5 reasons to use touchless fixtures in the kitchen.

5 Reasons to Use Touchless Fixtures in the Kitchen

Baking, cooking, prepping, watering, or cleaning; be it whatever. Water accessibility is a priority for all kinds of kitchen tasks. So the next time you’re renovating your kitchen or moving to a new home, think about these 5 reasons to use touchless fixtures in the kitchen.

#1 Convenience

Finding the best touchless kitchen faucet reviews is not a tedious task anymore. And why is that? Because nothing is more important than convenience in the kitchen!

When you’re dicing, slicing, or chopping fruits and vegetables, you want the task to be quick and easy. And at such times, not having to deal with a tap handle goes a long way.

If kids are a part of the family, the reason for going touchless starts to make more sense. Traditional faucets are equipped with knobs, levers, or handles. These you need to turn and twist. But who likes to do that nowadays!

Allow Kohler, the renowned American manufacturing company, to shed some light on the matter.

#2 Germ-Free Experience

The debate between touch vs. touchless faucet is quite a popular one. And when it comes to germs, you know who the clear winner is. Our palms and germs literally go hand in hand. No kidding. So it’s only logical to assume that these germs end up on faucet handles.

But the war against germs is in your favor when touchless fixtures take control.

A great example of such contamination is cleaning raw meat. In the case of traditional faucets, your dirty, sticky fingers come in contact with the fixture. That means so do the germs. So the chances of finding harmful bacteria on the handle increase. Think about campylobacter and salmonella.
The same applies to washing hands after subjecting them to various types of cleaning tasks. Such as working in your yard, handling garbage, bathing pets, etc. Gardening and household tasks leave germs on your hands. There’s no denying that. So how about limiting the spread of these germs?

#3 Budget and Environmentally Friendly

What’s the greatest advantage of using touchless fixtures? Let’s not be selfish and try to think of something other than convenience for a minute. Touchless faucets help in conserving water.
When touchless technology is a part of the mix, water wastage reduces drastically. That means water stops running as soon as you’re done washing your hands. Or even brushing the teeth!
The sensor turns off the water supply automatically. And that paves the way for water conservation. So a user-friendly and smart kitchen does more than you asked for. It even lowers your water utility costs as a matter of fact.

#4 Increase In Property Value

Here’s something that you probably don’t know. When you install touchless fixtures, you’re unintentionally increasing your real estate value.

There are many ways to up your property game. And going touchless is among them. So think long-term if you’re that kind of a consumer.

#5 Government Rebates

Ever heard of government rebates? The government hands out bonuses for setting up eco-friendly appliances and fixtures. These include touchless faucets and the like.
A few cities provide rebates for products with a WaterSense label. How does the idea of getting your money back sound? Pretty amazing, doesn’t it? So expect just that when you install a touchless fixture that has a WaterSense label on it.

That’s The End of It!

In a nutshell, here’s what you’re dealing with.

Touchless fixtures in the kitchen do the following:

  • Prevent the expansion of germs in the form of bacteria and viruses.
  • Reduce the wastage of water. Or in the case of an automatic towel dispenser, control the number of towels you use.
  • Maximize efficiency in the form of smooth-running operation.
  • Save money spent on water and electricity bills. Even maintenance and repair costs are kept in check.
  • And most importantly, touchless fixtures bring tons of convenience into play. Don’t forget that convenience always drives compliance. So you might actually end up washing those hands just because it’s easier to do so.

I’m almost certain that you agree with me on all this. And if you think that I’ve failed to discuss any other important benefit, please go ahead and do so. The comments section is right below.

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