5 Reasons Contributing To Bitcoin’s Price Volatility In 2021

Here are the top 5 reasons for Bitcoin’s price volatility in 2021

This 2020 year alone has shown us drastic changes in the Crypto or Bitcoin market. From decreasing to a price value of less than $4,000 to touching the highest value of more than $20,000. By the end of the past year 2020, Bitcoin had reached the highest ever price value that is more than $29,000.

The year 2021 has started with a Bitcoin price value of more than $32,000. By the end of a week in January 2021, Bitcoin’s price value crosses $40,000. Within the duration of one month or 30 days, the price value has doubled up. Experts are stating and there are several reasons behind it.

5 Reasons For Bitcoin’s Price Volatility In 2021

Here are the top 5 reasons for Bitcoin’s price volatility in 2021

1. Institutional Interests

Though there was a question with the acceptance of Bitcoin, in the past couple of years, we have witnessed some organizational recognitions for Bitcoins. Many well-reputed and large organizations are cooperating with Bitcoins and planning for a better future in the financial sector.

Organizations like morgan Stanley and Visa are thinking about taking a step forward with Bitcoins. This organization supports and recognitions are leaving an impact on people and the investor’s minds. Thus a sudden craze for Bitcoin has hit the Crypto market, causing Bitcoin’s price to rise. To check all the organizations that are planning to implement Bitcoins, you should check this out.

Bitcoin’s Price Volatility2

2. Declining Of US Dollars

The covid 19 pandemics and lockdown in different parts of the world, including the United States of America, have impacted the economy of most of the countries. The value of United States Dollars or USD has declined due to this recession.

If we compare it with foreign countries, such as the Japanese yen and Euros, the USD slid around 6.8% in the past year 2020. Experts are saying that in 2021, we are going to witness more fall in the value of US dollars. The price value of Bitcoin is generally expressed in terms of the United States dollars. So, with a USD slide, it is evident that the value price of Bitcoin will increase.

3. Retail Purchases

As the day passes, the option of buying Bitcoins seems closer. Many individuals are gambling with Bitcoins, and purchasing Bitcoins is becoming easier than ever. Plus, in present days, there are plenty of retailers who are giving a broader range of people to buy Bitcoins.

You can take an example of those big services like Paypal. In the last year, that is 2020, Paypal has enabled purchases of Bitcoin. Easy access is another reason for Bitcoin going up.

4. Distrust In Traditional Currencies

Cryptocurrencies were created as an alternative solution to fiat cash. With the financial hazards in different time eras, people are losing their faith in the traditional currency along with a centralized banking system. And they are going for an alternative option.

Bitcoin is one of the popular solutions, just like their other assets, i.e., gold. Especially after this coronavirus pandemics, and a fall of the United States Dollars, people tend to invest more in Bitcoins. The increasing demand is increasing the value price of Bitcoins.

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5. Shortage Of Supply

The lack of Bitcoins is another thing that is working as the fuel in the price rise drive of Bitcoins. To date, around 85% of the total amount of Bitcoins has already been mined. In present days around 6.25 Bitcoins, more Bitcoins are coming into existence every 10 minutes.

But for every 4 years or so, this amount of Bitcoins get halved. In addition to the earlier mentioned reasons, there is a demand developing in the Crypto world for Bitcoins. It is automatically driving the price of Bitcoins to a higher level.


Behind the rise of Bitcoin’s price value, there are several reasons that are working together. But the most effective one is the rising demand for Bitcoins fueling the fire. Plus, people are starting to trust the concept of decentralized Cryptocurrencies. Thus the Price value of Bitcoins is also increasing in 2021 and has crossed the range of $40,000.