5 Dangers of DIY Plumbing

However, there are 5 dangers you ought to know when you DIY plumbing:

Plumbers are expensive, that’s why fixing your house’s plumbing system can be tempting; especially now that Do-It-Yourself or DIY instructions and videos are rampant over the Internet. Moreover, you get a feeling of pride and achievement whenever you fix something in your house by yourself.

There’s a lot of conveniences when you DIY. You can try to fix the problem right away the moment you see it, and you can save on the costs of hiring a plumber.

However, there are 5 dangers you ought to know when you DIY plumbing:

1.DIY Plumbing doesn’t equip you with the technical knowledge

Plumbing may sound like any carpentry work; however, it requires a lot of technical know-how and expertise. It requires a professional to properly diagnose the root cause of the issue. Identifying the root cause is the most critical as well as the trickiest part of any plumbing repair. On top of that, you will need someone who has extensive knowledge in all areas of plumbing. Just like Presto Plumbers, a professional plumber should have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Piping
  • Septic repairs
  • Sewer services
  • Water heaters
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Water damage and restoration
  • Garbage disposals
  • Sanitation

This extensive knowledge and experience should also come with the right tools and equipment to build or repair a plumbing system. If you don’t have the end-to-end technical knowledge of how plumbing works, then you might want to call a professional.

2.It’s easy to make mistakes

Even though you have a solid DIY video in front of you, it’s still extremely easy to make plumbing mistakes. You really wouldn’t know if the video or the instructions you see on the Internet are applicable to your plumbing situation. In addition, any mistake you make may cause a break to other parts of the plumbing system.

For example, you’re just trying to replace piping by yourself. However, you’re not aware of the type of metal the pipe is made of. And you inadvertently used a different kind of metal to replace the broken one. There’s a chance of some reaction will occur between two connected pipes of different metals.

3.It can worsen the situation

DIY plumbing can easily worsen the plumbing situation. If you don’t hire a professional who can properly diagnose what’s wrong with your house’s plumbing, chances are you’re fixing the wrong part of the plumbing system. What worse is that your attempt to fix may lead to other parts being broken and the whole situation getting worse.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you DIY the plumbing system. And when mistakes happen, worse things can happen too. Without a professional who would know what the root cause is, what should be repaired, what tools and equipment to use, and what the best method to follow when repairing, your DIY work will simply be botched attempt at fixing things.

4.It can end up to more costly repairs

Mistakes and worsening the situation are just two nightmares you’ll end up with when you attempt to DIY the plumbing system. The more horrifying is the cost that you’ll end up spending when the DIY repair fails.

Instead of saving money by doing it yourself, you’ll end more spending more money on plumbing fixtures, materials, and eventually, professional help. The cost will be too high when things get even worse. There’re a lot more things that need to be fixed. On top of that, you’ll be a lot more inconvenienced with having faulty faucets, drains, shower, toilet, sewers, etc. all over your house.

5.You might be violating the law

What you might not know is that there are standard plumbing laws in your area. Many countries and cities around the world adopt strict plumbing laws to ensure safety and harmony in the area’s sewage and sanitation system. There are specific protocols that need to be followed by any residential or commercial building around plumbing.

It’s important to know any plumbing requirements mandated by law in your city. Otherwise, you’ll end up violating the law if your DIY work goes beyond city protocol. This will result in more cost and headache for potential litigation. Perform your due diligence if you’re adamant to do your own plumbing repair by ensuring that you’re not overstepping any building regulation in your city.

Final Words

Ultimately, you’re not restricted or discouraged to DIY your house’s plumbing works. There are easy to repair jobs and there are more complex situations where you will need some professional help. What you need to be aware of are the dangers of DIY plumbing. These should help guide you make a better and learned decision when to DIY.