5 Best Apps for Fire Stick Devices in 2020

Added to this you will also have access to the other power houses in the home entertainment sector, namely: Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Amazon has revolutionized how we watch TV with the invention of it’s Fire TV devices. Home entertainment now contains a wider variety of content and ways to stream than ever before.

Owning an Amazon Fire Stick allows you not only to have access to some of your regular TV channels but also thousands of other channels, programs and films.

Added to this you will also have access to the other power houses in the home entertainment sector, namely: Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The range of content is mind blowing and the level of choice will mean you always have something to watch, no matter what time of day (or night) it is, no matter your mood and with no time limits you can binge watch until your heart’s content!

Additionally to all of the above access to content you will receive, you will also have the ability to jailbreak your firestick and download hundreds of apps (completely free!!).

We have listed five of the best apps for Fire Stick devices in 2020 and hope it contributes to your viewing pleasure

1 – Express VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network, is a great tool for anyone who worries about their privacy online.

A VPN assists you in viewing content that may be restricted in your country so that you don’t miss out on any worldwide phenomena! Just change your server location and enjoy the content without any risks.

Express VPN is often ranked amongst the top VPN apps for Fire Stick and with its ease of usability and quick installation, we can see why!

2 – Cinema APK

If you are a cinephile, this Android app for movies and TV shows is a must. Containing hundreds of hours of content and with access to some of the best movies around, Cinema APK has a regularly updated library of content so you will never be short of something to watch.

Cinema APK does not host any of the content but rather aggregates this content from multiple servers in multiple locations.

Expert in acquiring quality streams and remote compatible this app makes watching movies a pleasure.

3 – Unlock MyTV

UnlockMyTV has gained massive popularity recently as a natural successor to CinemaHD (albeit it’s essentially a clone).

The media library is plentiful and has superior-quality content, even some 1080p streams.

With excellent content and quality and amazing functionality, we recommend this app to anyone looking for high quality streaming links.

4 – Kodi

Kodi is one of the better known free apps and one of the major reasons for its success, is it’s superb functionality.

Easy to use and allowing you access to everything from the latest HD movies to specific music playlists, Kodi acts as a one stop shop for content of all genres.

As an added bonus Kodi can record TV shows so that you never need to miss episodes of your favorite series.

5 – Crackle

Crackle is another free video streaming service app created by Sony Entertainment. Containing TV shows, movies and even access to a music library this app is easy to install and offers something for all ages.

That being said, one major worry with online apps is accidently giving access to children to adult content.

Luckily with Crackle there is an impressive Parental Control feature which allows parents to set restrictions on their children’s usage.

Easily downloadable via the Amazon App Store or by using the Alexa voice search function on your Fire TV Stick, Crackle allows you to access all the latest TV shows and award-winning movies at the touch of a button.

So, is that all the Best Apps for Fire Stick Devices in 2020?

Absolutely not! We have provided the above list of our Top 5 apps for 2020 but there are literally hundreds more that are worth investigating.

There are apps that allow you access to all the best streaming content like those above but there are also apps that allow you to upload photos, create slideshows, share files and download and listen to music.

The opportunities with Fire Stick devices are nearly unlimited and is only going to grow as current apps are optimized, improved and re-released.

Many experts believe the prevalence of Fire Stick devices combined with the increase in apps and ever-growing content libraries will soon make many standard ways of consuming entertainment (cable or dish-based TV platforms) obsolete.

Lastly the ever-growing list of streaming services and apps available through Fire Stick devices is increasing competition and driving down price for consumers.

Many of the top apps are actually free and out of our top five list for 2020 only Express VPN comes at a cost.

It is encouraging to see the evolution of streaming services, apps and all Fire Stick devices as the growth of this industry is leading to better quality and more appealing content for all consumers.