4 Tips to Watch a Sports Game During Cold Weather

Frozen Toes, running nose and fever are among a few gifts that cold weather bestow upon us. If you happen to be watching your favorite sports during the cold weather, you need to embrace yourself with the following pointers. It will help you brush off the cold. Read more about it at playcomparison blog.

  • Let Food Heat You Up

Before you head to the stadium, you better consume a warm meal. Try tea, coffee or soup. These foods will help you feel warm even before you step outside. They do it without raising the core body temperature.

Apart from warm food, you should eat something high in fiber, protein, and fat. This food near more energy to digest and they end up creating more heat during the digestion. You can try ginger as it helps improve thermogenesis in your body. Try to add it to your tea and other recipes.

  • Layer Up

It’s important you layer up during the cold weather. It doesn’t matter if you booked a ticket to the Detroit Tigers Suites or aisle, you have to dress up for the weather. Start with a thin thermal base with a protective waterproof outer layer. You need breathable under layers to prevent sweat from getting trapped in your skin.

If your clothes are not breathable, they will trap the sweat. Worse, the sweat will be frozen and make you feel cold. So, avoid wearing cotton during cold months as it’s not breathable. Cotton is rotten when it comes to cold weather. If it gets damp, it absorbs and retains the moisture. You don’t want that in cold weather. So, you better steer clear of cotton. You need a waterproof outer layer to remain dry.

  • Be Active

Just because you are there to watch the game. It doesn’t mean you should keep yourself from getting up and moving around. Don’t be the idle fan who does nothing to raise their body temperate.
If you feel cold during the game, you need to stand up and get your body moving. You don’t need an excuse to keep you from doing it. Better, be productive, go to the restroom, or grab some snack. You don’t want to miss the game, but sometimes it’s better to move than sticking to your seat.

  • Invest in Good Footwear

When you are out there facing the cold, you need to good shoes to support you. You don’t want frigid toes and feet during a baseball game. Most stadiums leave the fan on cold concrete. A good pair of shoe will keep the cold off you.

Just make sure the footwear is clean and breathable. This way, if they get dirty, they will close the cells in boot material. Mind the fact that fat will be trapped inside your shoes, and it might make your feet cold. So, you need to take precaution.

Final Thought

The cold should not keep you from enjoying your favorite sports. But it will be a lot better if you dress up to embrace it. As alternative you can still stay home and watch your favourite sport on TV. For instance you can check on tvsportguide.com the channels that broadcast your favourite game and enjoy it under a warm blanket. Don’t show up unprepared and hope you will be fine in the end.