11 End-of-Tenancy-Cleaning Tips to Make Sure That You Do Not Miss Out on Your Deposit Money!

Do not worry! We have curated this list of top tips for tenants who can be assured of getting their tenancy deposit back.

Are you nearing the end of your tenancy period? Well, you should know that having a clean house proves advantageous to you and you can win your deposit money back. However, if your home does not meet the stipulated requirements in the tenancy agreement, getting your tenancy deposit back could be one of the most difficult things. Are you looking for end of tenancy cleaning services London? If so, use Helpling.

This is why we recommend giving yourself enough time as you near the end of your tenancy to inspect every corner of the house and determine any areas that need attention. If your landlord finds them before you do, chances are that the bill cost would be higher than what you might expect.

Do not worry! We have curated this list of top tips for tenants who can be assured of getting their tenancy deposit back.

1. Closely inspect the kitchen

Cleaning Tips1

Remove all the items from each of the cupboards and shelves. Make sure that all the deposits and crumbs are gotten rid of. Clean the inside and the outside of the cupboard, and give them a clean wipe with a dry piece of cloth in the end.

Pull all the appliances out, and do not forget to wipe the surfaces beneath them. Apply some mild cleaning solution if necessary and remove any persistent stains.

2. The oven and the hob

It is not surprising if you find your oven with thick deposits of grime, dust, burnt food deposits, and grease. This happens if you have not been cleaning it regularly. Although this takes up a lot of time and energy, you need to put in the efforts to make sure it is in a perfect state.

It is interesting to note how the oven is one of the primarily checked devices during the home inspection process. Thus, you cannot go wrong with it.

3. Living room

Cleaning Tips2

The living room is one of the first areas that an inspector comes across. Thus, it sets the basic impression. It is all the more reason why your living room needs extensive dusting and perfect vacuuming. Clean all the shelves, cabinets, and cupboards by removing the things inside them.

Do not forget the TV set and the interior decorations. An untidy living room can be a really awkward place to start with during inspection. Thus, we recommend you spend time setting the right impression for the rest of the inspection.

4. Bathroom

Although it takes time, do not neglect to give your sink, toilet, bathtub, tiles, mirror, and other accessories a generous wipe. Also make sure to check the plug holes and drains. Check whether there is an easy flow of water or have the plumber work it right for you.

Also, clean the metallic surfaces like showers, faucets, and drain gates to remove the limescale and mold build-up. Check around the room for soap scum build-up or tough stains. If you find any, apply an all-purpose bathroom cleaning solution and let the product stand for a while. After a few minutes, rinse the area thoroughly and wipe it dry.

5. Windows

If you cannot reach the outer surface of the windows, it is absolutely essential to ensure that the inside is spotless. If you are unable to do it, you can also take assistance from professional window cleaners who will get the job done for you. You can simply use a mixture of alcohol and vinegar to clean windows and any other glass partitions present in the house.

While you are at it, check for any broken window panes and fix them right away. Otherwise, they are highly likely to appear in the check-in records, and the amount is usually deducted from the tenancy deposit!