10 Essentials For Your Outdoor Kitchen You Cannot Miss

Sadly, without the right kind of set-up, the work it takes to pull an afternoon together is probably more than most people would want to undertake.

Few things are more entertaining than having your backyard kitchen where you and your guest can spend a pleasant afternoon basking in the warmth of the summer sun.

For anyone who enjoys barbecuing or outdoor living, you know how easy it is to bring people together with some good old down-home outdoor cooking.

Sadly, without the right kind of set-up, the work it takes to pull an afternoon together is probably more than most people would want to undertake.

For anyone who wishes to have a large group of people in their backyard, here is a list of ten essentials you might want to consider.

1. The Right Grill

It is a given that you will have a barbecue grill in your outdoor kitchen checklist. However, the question that remains is, what kind of grill?

Before you choose one, take the time to think about what you need. With so many available, it is easy to go overboard with all the

You would definitely want the best BBQ accessories, but think about your budget first, and then choose the size and features you can expect to put to use.

2. Refrigerator


Unless you want to make constant trips back to the house whenever you need things, an outdoor refrigerator is a must.

Unlike purchasing a fridge for your indoor kitchen, outdoor refrigerators need to be sturdy enough to withstand the environment when not in use.

3. Lighting

If you’re planning to use your kitchen in the evenings, proper lighting will be necessary. In addition to ambient light to set the right mood, you also need some task lighting; so you have better visibility when preparing meals after the sun goes down.

There are many different types of lighting to choose from. Consider installing lights in your drinks station, grill area, and prep station.

4. Ice Maker

Ice Maker

If you entertain a lot, an ice maker is essential.

Not only will it keep you from running inside the house for ice refills, but you can also save tons of money from running to the store to buy it.

If you’re still in the design phase, plan for a built-in that can be discreetly hidden away so it can blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

5. Storage

Even with a small outdoor kitchen, having a storage area can simplify any event you plan.

If you have space to designate to pantry supplies, that would be ideal. However, don’t forget about storage for your cooking utensils, dishes, and spices.

6. Pizza Oven

A pizza oven will definitely get your guest’s attention. You will be able to serve piping hot pizzas, everyone’s favorite, and have a charming conversation piece for your kitchen.

If your budget can stand it, consider getting a stand-alone, wood-burning model. In addition to cooking great pizzas, you can keep your outdoor space pretty warm on those colder nights.

If not, you can always buy a smaller, countertop oven that will work just as well for the space.

7. Insulation

When designing an outdoor kitchen, few people think of insulation, but it is a necessity.

We often think of insulation when we need to keep an area at an ideal temperature. However, there is another reason why you would want to have some insulation.

By adding a few insulation jackets around your grill and vents, you can help toxic fumes to escape and maintain fire safety at the same time.

8. Warming Trays

Warming Trays

Warming trays are a great way to keep your food heated after it has finished cooking.

Rather than letting it sit out, wilt, and get cold, it can be beautifully presented and easily accessible for your guests. It also saves time, so you don’t have to reheat food when everything is ready.

And finally, by keeping the food warm until ready to serve, you prevent the risk of bacteria and keep your guests safe from any risk of illness.

9. Beer Tap

If you usually serve beer when you entertain, a beer tap and a kegerator will save you lots of time and money. Heck, it’ll even save you on after-party clean-up time.

You can easily rent a keg, which is less expensive than buying cases of beer, and having your beer on tap will make you the life of the party.

10. Bar Cart

A bar cart or a wet bar can make for the perfect finishing touch for your outdoor kitchen if there is enough space.

Having a separate area for a bar makes it possible to hand off bartending duties to either a professional or someone you can trust. This leaves time to pay attention to other aspects of your evening.

There are many different ways you can design your outdoor kitchen, but the one that works best for you will be the one that lets you entertain on your terms.